Up again early in order to change the Betor shocks on the Cub as riding a rigid is not the way to go !
Plan is to go for the Magicals off Superglitz and then in time replace them with some Rockshocks from Lewisport to fit the Majesty mounts at 12.5 “.

The big Question is how the hell did they get bent in the first place? With the help of Sherlock it clearly
must have happened at Turkey Rock, but when ? There were NO 5’s on either day, no crashes on the
loop so all that can be deduced is that “it” fell over somewhere while I was walking a section. There
were big gouges on the rear pipe, which was pressed in, or so I thought on the spring, but on further
review it looks like it fell from  standing into some rocks which pushed the exhaust into the spring and
bent the rod. Anyhoo which ever, what way, it happened the result is the same the shock is Toast !!

Magicals first but the lower mount is the wrong size so that won’t work. Plan B try the gas Betors off
the Enfield which are the same size but once again the lower mounts won’t fit so much banging and
shade tree removal techniques to knock out the centers and rubbers so that the correct size ones
from the dead set will fit. Finally all in place and bolted up and I’m back in business.

At the Dump we have good following from the local newspaper and an unusually large number of
local spectators. Yet another offer of land for future events which in itself is amazing. Several other
vintage riders appear from the woodwork who have bikes locally so things are on the up for next year

We start at our No1, “The Lumber Yard”, and most riders are using this as the “test” section to warm
up which in view of the rather more difficult 2 & 3 is perhaps a good idea. Lets see how DRB has
affected the riding.

John on the 1 line

Peter on the 3 line

Walt aviates over the second hazard

Dan eases forward to ready for the turn

The “Checker’s Nightmare Flash” from the Stealth Cub

……..and now, how many ways to make the exit ?

Wolfie with a load of “Body English”

Easy clutchless turn on idle from Bill Todd

Back tire through the middle of the gate

Steve Olsen with a straight line and “air dab”

Was he through before the real dab ??

Over at 2 there was a “cheater” line for the 1’s but John Clement found another that I hadn’t seen and seemed to be using it to good effect. The basic design of 2 was a run round some bushes cross
some concrete with varying degrees of difficulty for 1,2,3 then complete a wide open left hander on
level ground before a fast run at a 20′ uphill with loose stuff at the bottom. 1 liners had what looked like
a very difficult climb away from the last concrete step in the loose with little chance of getting enough
speed to get up the hill. My thoughts were that if you turned immediately right after the last 1 gate you
could go down to the level and then full bore up the climb. John saw another way of turning down to
the level before the card, complete the turn then back over the concrete and then uphill.

JC finds the alternate line through 2

John H going well up 2 ………. but then….

Up she comes……… but he did get it under control

Something similar from Wolfie ……. must be a Yam thing !

Cortez man Waldo, gets the 4RT airborne

Steady does it from Dan

Generous turning area after coming off the slab steps

Easing forward to control the front end

Section 3 in it’s virgin state viewed from the top, 2 obvious lines shallower
by the blue, or steeper and more direct closer to the red

Section 3 was another uphill with a slight adverse. Two large pieces of concrete for the first 10′ or so
very firmly embedded in the hillside then loose dirt, concrete and stones up the last 15′ to the cards. A
whole lot of 5’s and 3’s with not enough attack and power and quite a few out of bounds attempts over
the red ribbon. Dan has a dab at the top and I’m through for a nice clean.

Walt tries the lower line but ends up in a spot of bother

……… and now on the other side how close can you be on that tape ?

Steve looking a bit wide from this angle

John calls the  “out of bounds”

When I was flying it was called Target Fixation, in motorcycling we have
all heard the phrase “The bike goes where you look”

Wolfie looking at that red ribbon

Right on the line, still looking

Still in for the dab, or out for the 5  still looking ?

In or out  ? for Waldo

I’m thinking OUT

Looking to be on line

A slow lingering dab from Dan

Nearly there, time to roll off the power

Over  the summit for the clean

A small section of loop riding and we are at 4 and 5 which are close together at the bottom of the
dump area. Dan and I are circulating with John’s Nov group with John Clement riding the 1 line. The
design of this one was a series of undulations over firmly embedded rocks with a 180 right hander at
the half way point to make line gates for the exit bumps and dips over more firm rocks. The wide line
for looked like the way to go but after John C ground out for a 5 Dan and I revised our thinking to use
a tighter line. We both took a planned safety dab but thought we could do it.

John’s 5 at the turn made us rethink the outside line

Appropriately named “Fork” or 5 started with a split around a bush after hours of cutting out with
pruners. 3,4 go right while 1,2 go left over a rock berm  then over some big wobblers into a blind
shallow right turn on a narrow crest with 1 going down into a private turn area. From the crest a
chocolate box assortment of rocks on a ridge and ride out to the exit with 3’s joining in for their dose
of the candy. This section requires absolute precision on the line or it will surely end in tears. Dan
slips through with the well executed dab and my attempt costs me a second so we are even steven
on 3 points with 5 sections completed.

The entry to 5

A relaxing ride down to 6 which is in a narrow wash culminating in an uphill around the tree affair
before dropping back in the wash over a series of loose sandstone slabs to the uphill exit. The
planned no 1 “gimmee” rides  as expected and we climb back up the loop to 7 called “Firewood”.
This is the 2nd “gimmee” of the day as everything you walk on which is dead branches cracks
underfoot. That having been said it seems the simple 3 line is cutting up and taking a few marks
from the Novices. We are good here so follow the loop to 8 getting back to the start area.

From the Begins, line dependent gates over a ridge then remuster for an open attack at a series of
uphill logs and an open ditch with a right left turn to the ends cards. A nice precise clean for me but
Dan has an unexpected dab coming off the first ridge. Advantage 1 point to me !

The uphill logs of 8

Short ride to 9 which was a section I was determined to use from the first time I saw it back in March.
Now as we will see perhaps I personally would have been better bypassing this one and finding
something else !! Some giant slabs of concrete at about 30 degree incline on a bank but wide enough
to turn on and the rough side of the concrete exposed so plenty of grip. At the top a 90 right to join the 3
line who are just riding the ridge up and down. Dan is in and has a bit of a shambles 3 at the top but
I’m confident that I can do this, at least with a dab, and increase my lead. Pop up the step and
commence left turn on the giant slab but the front is starting to lift, albeit only a couple of inches, and I
can’t get back in full control for the top turn and ride off the slab missing the split gate !!! Several
expletives later we move on to 10 the “Kitty Litter” with roles reversed and Dan now holding the all
important 1 point advantage.

The start of 9 with 3’s going straight up and riding the ridge, 1 & 2 go off
to the right and then face this

Small step up, left turn to the top then right 90 along the ridge

The Kitty Litter has had all the other 2 liners through as we are circulating at the back of the pack and
the predicted “main road” is beginning to emerge. Good cleans from both of us with a bit of work.

Across from 10 is the good looking section 11 which is a series of concrete slabs and turns with what
was a corner piece of pathway around some building so has an inviting 90 degree slot to ride through.
No problems for either of us here so just 12, “The Picnicer’s Delight”, to complete the loop.

The good looking Section 11

Seems the entire entry has seen through my dummy turn after the entry ! I had laid out an attractive
wide red ribbon turn at the start card but of course the “line” was a direct attack at the first ridge on a
45 angle through the start cards, oh well, you can fool some people some of the time! Up a berm
turning on the top to pick up your line crossing of the final ridge with the 2 line being the most difficult
with a down up turn on a loose adverse. Dan and I are, I think, a little over cautious and take dabs but
this is very doable. First loop done with Dan now having a 1 point advantage and the scores are 8
and 9.

Out for loop 2 and see how this cookie thing crumbles! The logs are the same and 2 has cut up a bit
more with 3 liners chewing at the bank to get on the first hazard of the slabs so a faster entry required,
both through for cleans and back to 3. I clean it again and Dan has his duty dab at the same spot so
its back to level again as we head for 4 & 5. No changes here and we are both through 4 and 5 for a
dab on both so still level pegging.

6,7 and 8 all clean so back to the troublesome No 9. Dan has a scrabbly 3 and I do exactly the same
as the first time and ride over the edge missing the gate for yet another crap 5 !! Just goes to show I
should have left this one out!!! Talk about hoisted by one’s own petard.

10 has predictably settled in so through both 10 and 11 without grief. Over to 12 which has both cut
up and softened so with more attention to line we both ride it well for satisfying cleans and complete
the loop with Dan on 6 and me on 7. Dan now has a 2 point advantage as we head out on loop 3 and
all because of section 9  where I have lost 10 to Dan’s 6. Had I parred this one I would have had the
2 points in my favor.

Through 1 & 2 and back to 3. Dan takes his customary dab at the top and I’m thinking with 2 cleans
that this will not be a problem. I have the speed and I have the line but the front wheel flicks a very
large piece of unseen concrete up on its side and stops me dead in my tracks from 15 mph !! Talk
about an unexpected feet up stop !!! Advantage Dan by 6 points.

At 4 where we have both been working long dabs on the tricky corner we both produce an “A” game
ride with a super clean controlled ride from Dan and a spectacular feet up way off line by me. 5 is
good for both of us and we both clean this one at last.

6,7, and 8 are all clean and back to 9 we go. With two 5’s here already I need to do something and
this time I stay on line and keep the front down by easing off but I need some prods to get lined up on
the ridge for a 3. Dan improves on his previous 3’s and escapes with a 2.

We easily clean 10 and 11 and with a 7 point lead the day is Dan’s. I sail through the last like a train
on rails and Dan has a moment but cleans it too.

Good to see some different riders today and a lot of spectators too. It does seem there are quite a
few riders, both vintage and modern, in this area and the local newspapers, The Dolores Star, and
Cortez Journal must be thanked for running good articles and prompting a renewed interest in the
sport. I have a feeling we could get at least 10-15 local riders next year from within a 20 mile radius !
This year we went from our expected 2 of Walt and myself to 7 with Casey and son, having bought
John’s pristine Yam, Walt’s friend Steve Olsen on the TL125, and Kirtis and Waldo joining us on
modern bikes….. and we still have our DA Will Furse, also modern to join in.

Results were about as predicted although some found the going a bit tough. In the classes where
there was a competition John got his revenge over Walt and Dan repaid the favor over me. Kirtis got
his win in Modern Int with a good ride finishing on 32 along with Wolfie who stuck with the Hist Int
class today for his win.

Thanks to Ryan our Town Manager, The Chamber of Commerce for putting us in the parade, and on
the worker front John, wife Hazel, and Brenda for all their efforts to make it run smoothly.

The Town of Dolores wants us back next year !

” In case you haven’t heard ….. it says here they are doing it all again in a couple of weeks up in Casper Wyoming”


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  • 8/22/2012 7:50 PM G Porlier wrote:
    would like to spectate, maybe ride, if you have a trailbike class, have a couple of old Honda 200’s, would be happy to mount a trials tire on the thing….Gary
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  • 10/28/2012 4:37 AM g hildrew wrote:
    Hi Tony, I am seeking advice on a DMW badged trials machine identical to the one shown on your site, The black frame, with the tank as the top tube. I have bought a unmolested original rolling frame minus only the engine. I cant as yet find any real info on this other than the Frazer versions. A villiers 32a does not fit. Can you assist please.
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    1. 10/28/2012 7:49 AM Tony Down wrote:
      Hi there,

      Well you have no doubt read the original article on the building of what became “Ossamaha” (Nov 2007). The frame I bought came from the IOM, and was complete with the original Hagon gas shocks, and the seat unit. From research that I did the frames were a limited number that were produced by DMW and used their other company forks, Metal Profile. At the time, circa 1970 one of the DMW employees was the Midland Centre Trials Champion and he got the factory to build some of these revolutionary frames. The Frazer frames were, I believe, a much later adaptation and design to use the TL125 Honda engine and of course nothing to do with DMW who were then out of business.

      The frame I think is a pretty good universal unit and I converted mine to use the TY motor. Some basics had to be changed as the fuel tap is too far forward and needs to go further back. Also no provision for a top coil, and the SA mounting point was too high for the Yam motor. Not entirely sure what the original motor was, most likely a Villiers 9E or anything else that Greeves was using at the time in the 60’s.

      Have fun building it ! It is well worth it and makes a very fine handling bike. Isold mine on and it is still being used having wrapped up a couple of US National Championships and the only major component that finally failed after 40 years was the Hagon gas shocks, and that after 3 more years of competition in their current state.

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