Only thing in the way is the weather

12″ on the rail, WINTER STORM WARNINGS until Wednesday, will they come or will common sense prevail?

Even though we had a plow out yesterday there is still a mega load of snow everywhere and I’m not even sure where the Jag could go?

I was wondering what was happening on ebay as nothing sold this last weekend compared to 7 items last weekend  but eventually at 2130 last night the TY175 Carb sold at the asking price just after someone put in an offer. No post today as the Post Office is closed.

The Logo looks closer

A bit of a melt but more on the way! Patience IS a virtue, and in this case I’m more than happy to wait as I see the roadway disasters, mostly caused by reckless driving and excessive speed, but some of the black ice situations are more than difficult to deal with no matter how good you maybe behind the wheel!

The overnight Winter Storm Warning did all it said and another 5″ joins the pile. Today’s WSW says 5″ today then fizzling out around 1700.

If common sense takes over then hopefully Wed/Thurs look better days assuming the roads get cleared, getting to be one of the biggest storms we have had here. Another warning, this time High Risk Avalanche Warning just up the road at Rico !! NO THANK YOU!!

This is what happened 2 years ago when the ice melted! Just a mile up the road from where I turn round on the bike!!

Tuesday and a full 30 minutes to clear all the snow off the Cadi so I can get to the hospital for the bloodwok. Get home and little old lady in space 5 can’t start her car or get the snow off. Car cleared, hood up, battery a bit down but that click and nothing from the starter. I can’t get close enough with my jumpers so out with the charger and boost her up to 12.5v and now it starts. Need another set of jumpers with longer leads. Duly ordered.

Jumpers Coming

Wednesday and yet another day in the chemo chair, roads all clear and dry, a few snow flurries in Durango and the Summit area but all clear so no problems.

Thursday, not much change, 1F but can’t complain as I have power and wood to burn later, unlike those poor souls in Texas, my heart goes out to them.

Shipper drivers still greedy, but I’ve seen so many big rig accidents on the freeways I can hardly blame them, but caution doesn’t seem to be their strong suit. Dealership getting understandably pissed off with current inflated prices. They have been very accomodating to me so a few extra days in this cold snap won’t make much of a difference.

That was the Rock Slide 2 years ago, fotunately not a soul injured

It seems its all coming together and Big Red could be here sometime this week. Should be good and by then and the driveway well may be clear of snow and ice and even dried out. More Scans for me this week and the second Covid shot tomorrow which is a Sunday.
















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