Yo Ho Ho, tis Christmas Eve and it’s 1F this morning! Strange how some years you see such nice things by way of Christmas Cards, but this year, rather like 2020 its all a bit bland. Well here’s  one from my youth in “Bridge” down in Kent just outside Canterbury.

The simple Morris Minor the UK answer to the VW Bug

It has that 50’s-60’s feel and making me remember Christmases long ago. This year will hardly rate up there for me as the chemo side effects take all pleasure out of everything, and the colder it is the worse it gets.

So here we are Christmas morning 2020 at 0830 with the temp at 8F and just making freezing about midday. Presents under the tree, well boxes actually and unwrapped at that. I can only hope if I survive another year that I will get my “Christmas Mojo” back. Right now my feelings are nowhere close and as 2020 goes its just another day.

Here’s a nice card I like  and I’ll put up a few more to see if I can cheer myself up

Getting there

Fun but dangerous to decorate this Waterfall Christmas Tree

We will see

My token effort this year

Yes, I’m here, whereas 335,000 others, have perished under the “Hoax”

What a happy greeting card? Factual as it may be 

Looking forward to the New Year and getting on with my personal project of the nice used car. I need about $12,000 to achieve this ,        although,  I have two checks for $9000, I can’t cash or deposit them until Brenda has her financial review with the hospital. We are NOT allowed to have an account with over $5000 in it or they will reduce the insurance payments, which I can currently afford, and then it will be a progressive take down to the last penny. Of course I could STOP the chemo and just wait to see how much longer I have but that’s the death row wait until the final days.

However, bearing all that in mind I will continue with my projects and aim for mid February as my target date. Sales of surplus stuff seem to be going well on ebay so I’ll keep working on that and get   my arse in gear and get the Cub and TY125 all sparkling clean and running if my fingers can grip the spanners.

The fire is lit, and after a mega search the Yule Log, Pets, and Carols found on the TV. More wood split and ready for the evening fire. Mimosas beginning to take effect and about 30 mins out for the Prime Rib Christmas lunch, it’s looking good after a peek in the oven and all the veg which I love. Great football game going on which I’m enjoying, hope the Saints win!

The meal was delicious! and of course an early bed followed as I perhaps ate a little more than usual, and as a total surprise our TV channels that had been taken off due to a dispute with the cable company suddenly came back to life. The power of Christmas !

On the car front, a Botanical Green is now the competition No1, located in Columbus Ohio. Current price $8970 and $1150 to transport door to door. This is a 2008 model VP with 98K on the clock.

There is something appealing about this one?  must be the grilles.

Another one which has been exceptionally detailed is in Blue and is the 2006 VP at $9850.

Very pretty

One Christmas present to me from me

I’m entering my Green mood

“Ready ?”

“Let’s GO!”






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