Just over a week has elapsed since the fickle finger of fate tapped the “Buy It Now” button for the “S-Works Specialized Roubaix” bicycle that I wanted.



Since then, despite snow storms, mud days and some very variable weather, goodies to feed the new “wonder cycle” have been pouring in to match its arrival deadline.


I’ve been glued to the Fed-Ex web site watching the progress on my new wonder cycle as it has been wandering across the country. From its start point in deepest Alabama at Hoover on Feb 27 it made it to Birmingham AL on the 28th, passed through Nashville TN and night stopped in Geary OK on Mar 1st. Up very early it made it to Winslow AZ and by mid afternoon was off again to Phoenix AZ. A 12 hour layover in Phoenix before another 12 hour run to Aztec NM where it arrived at 0443 on Saturday Mar 4th. Should be with me sometime on Monday.


Waiting on the Speedo

Meanwhile the speedo arrived, and the mystery pedals came in after going round CA for a day or two.



Got just the place for you 2 !



……. and finally on my return the “box” has arrived. Now I need to extract it and start the rebuild………. and now here we are on Saturday 11th March and the box hasn’t moved!!! Maybe Sunday?


The weather has changed, temps are way up hitting the 60’s, bugs, cyclists, and dumb arsed Harley riders are all out!

More exciting offers from Ebay and some items too hard to resist. A couple of pairs of shorts are coming my way and the next quest is for a NEW helmet to go with all my new color schemes. Trouble is my head size is right between Medium and Large and so far I haven’t found a local┬ádealer who carries what I want so I can try them on for fit.



The KASK Vertigo in British colors


Suomy Timeless

So far this is what I like but of course all this might change in a heartbeat.


Really nice but NOT in my size


This one is ME but a little expensive


Colors are right, my size, my price

……… and then a few more contestants entered the arena …… oh, decision, decision ???






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