Making a Jumbo

Several parts can’t be found or sourced so some substitutes are required. No side decals with the
manufacturer’s name for the tank, and the wheels are still questionable? ….. and the new color scheme
may not be to the restoration purists liking. However as the owner of the beast usually gives me a
blank canvas I’m sure if he ever comes to collect it he won’t be too annoyed considering what a heap it

All painting has been completed, my fingers are buffed to a fine gloss, alloy and other fittings positively
gleam! So now its time to reassemble the heap and see what the final results will be. Still trying to
source some “amusing” parts for that artist’s touch, need to recover the seat in some of the world’s
most expensive leather and beat those wheel rims into submission. Fork oil seals to be replaced as
soon as they arrive and then fit all the new goodies and the grey mudguards. I think it will look good
but I’m sure there will be the doubting Thomas’s out there that will criticize the new look “John Player
Special” livery….. but what can you do with old UV faded plastic?

After 2 very cold days and a good dose of snow attention was turned on the seat and on removing
“Shade’s” attempt at the recovering mess the seat base was in 2 halves! A small delay here while
some sort of strengthening device is made and then on with the very expensive leather. Another couple
of coats of black for the tank today and then source some suitable decals for same. May have to get my
man in Phoenix to rush me a couple. I’m currently thinking of using the Cagiva type Elephant logo in
gold about 1/4 inch wide with SWM lettering inside the body and then JUMBO where the original logos
were on the tank recess. Some other tasteful decals on the rear section to protect the paint where the
legs rub should finish the job off. Need to find one of those  Domino exhaust lifters/decompressors,
real bugger this as I virtually gave one away on ebay about 2 years ago.

Ventured into the workshop today with good intentions but its too cold! Managed to connect the rear
brake assembly now that its straight and functional along with the reconfigured chainguard and its two
tensioners. Found a few missing items but the speed of the electric drill was causing an icy blast so
the project has been abandoned for the day, tomorrow should be warmer.

Warmer today so time to get rebuilding and see how it goes back together. With the engine in and the
forward bolt and head steady assembly in place time to get the rebuilt swinging arm in the frame. This
took a bit of lining up but eventually the freshly greased bolt slipped through. The cleaned up brake
pedal and rod followed along with the bash plate.

Time for the suspension units. Simple task but here we find “Shade” has used some AF bolts in
threaded metric holes!!! Nothing for it but to drill all the way through and go for a passing bolt.

The “passing bolt” in the top left shock mount to rectify Shade’s work

Upstairs Brenda has been helping out with the seat which was broken. I used a cut up plastic ACU
License to join the two pieces and still retain some flexibility and while I have been overcoming
Shade’s work she has recovered the battered old seat.

More from Shade on the seat

Thanks Brenda

Meanwhile the tank had been left in the laundry room to dry but the sled team ventures in and gave it a
good sniffing so that now needs to be sanded from bloody dog hair and redo the process. Still
waiting on UK parts and another “goodie” coming up on ebay! This project will take longer than I
thought but I’m not exactly in a rush to meet a deadline so a little a day seems the way to go.

De-dogged and repainted

The nasty clutch arm was ground down as it was binding on it’s pivot but is now back in place and
moving smoothly with suitable grease. Maybe refit the electrics today and try some rim bending before
yet more painting. Could even clean the carb and devise the new rear splash guard where the old air
cleaner box was…….and then the lower clutch cable just fell out!!! Jeeeees what sort of engineering is
this? Looks a bit like ice fishing, hole in the top of the clutch casing and the lower cable comes out of
there without too much of a decent seal and then goes to the signal/lightener device on the upper
frame rail. If it falls out that easily just think of the problems if you broke one on the Scottish? and do you
have to take the entire side case off to refit it and drain off all the oil???

The “Ice fishing” cable in the clutch!

Making progress

My local motorcycle shop has an ex trials rider in their workshop! He is even familiar with these
machines and is a wheel builder to boot! Says he can have those rims on before Thanksgiving for
around $90 a wheel……… I’m very tempted. A night to think that over and elect to use what I have,
although had this bike been mine those rims would have been on in a flash. Two new Dunlops and a
replacement security bolt for the front as it was running without which no doubt caused the valve to
slide inside. New tube and plenty of washing up liquid on the bent rim and she pops on. Now I’ve not
fitted Dunlops since the 70’s when I got them for free and in recent years I’ve been using Michelins and
the IRC’s which almost go on without any tire spoons, not so with Mister Dunlop! The side walls are as
stiff as a brick and its almost painful trying to get the valve and tube in !! Finally on and set so just
the new Renthal sprocket and the day is done.

As they were………. basically scrap!

The WOW factor……Very smart even if they aren’t round!

With the wheels behind me I can now concentrate on the general rebuild, the ignition, carb and
exhaust can be done along with pegs and the yokes. Still waiting on fork seals but I can complete the
back end and make the new splash guard. Stay tuned to this site for the next riveting installment of
Jumbo rides again.

Even the cartoon looks similar!


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  • 11/22/2009 11:24 AM Glenn Swanson wrote:
    Tony , knowing you as little as I do , and of your love of torque , I can’t wait to see your reaction when the jumbo is up and running proper !!!
    I bet you will have a newfound passion for jumbo Italian old girls … And they turn pretty well too .!
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  • 11/23/2009 4:32 PM Don Schmutzler wrote:
    You should use a old pattern-makers trick the next time you want to bring some old plastic bits back to life.
    Take some WD40 and spray it on the plastic, then use a Scotch bright pad and polish away like you would on a piece of alloy. We used it all of the time to make plastic patterns look like new. We once took a very tired looking TY and used this technique to bring the plastics back to life.
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