The continuing saga of the Mahout and his Elephant rolls on, progress is slow as I await snail mail to
reach its final destination. The (ivory) polished alloy tusks can’t be fitted until the fork seals arrive and
ice fishing in the clutch housing has stopped until cables and levers are on hand.

The mind’s eye turns to the splash guard and how to configure same. In the past I have used dish
drainers, cut to shape, and color matched to the scheme. In this case I’m thinking along the lines of a
RV roof vent which seems to have the right sort of curvature and I think could be shaped to fit. 4
brackets or cable ties and it should be secure enough.

Time to put on the electrics, change the plug cap, drill a hole for the kill switch wiring and get the yokes
back on and force some grease through the old tired bearings. With that lot back on try the exhaust and
see if that will behave itself without knocking any of the new paint off. All goes back on but I notice the
rear silencer has to mount on the outside of the frame which in turn will then clout the suspension unit.
I was wondering what the two large left over washers were for?  So better take that off again and step
out the right rear suspender!

Yokes and pipe back on

Finished on the electrics

Today’s mission will be the carb for a complete go through and make ready for that new splash guard
that I want to make. I suppose I could use the old air box as a template, still plenty of time as Royal Mail
and the USPS still refuse to deliver the parts I need. Better get my nose in the old lever box and see if I
can rebuild the Dominos that were destroyed, usual reason overtightened on the bars, and therefore
bend when the bike gets dropped! Not quite sure how you break a decompressor lever though, that
takes a bit of doing.

The carb, like most other things on this machine is covered in grease and has never been cleaned, I’m
aware of the maxim, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but from time to time a little routine maintenance goes a
long way. Time for a mega clean, new pipes and cable and then build the special splash guard which I
have mentally already fabricated. If I can get through these tasks might even get the back wheel in and
the rear grey fender cut to shape.

Another unholy mess from Shadetree Engineering

Del Orto’s finest took a lot longer than expected with all the small jets completely blocked and lots of
gummy resin in the float bowl and all other orifices. It all gets blown through and I now have holes
where holes should be! I thought I had the right length throttle cable but, not so fast, as its about 3
inches too short and won’t work. Another delay as I have to order some more from BJ Racing

Sgt Wadman was right….. “if its alloy it will shine!”

The splash guard began its construction with a lot of hacking around with the old airbox to get rid of
the broken junk and create a template, with mounts, on which to hang the Rubbermaid dish drainer.
Today’s dish drainer seemed a bit tougher and took a fair time to cut to shape and sand off ready for
painting. It will all be riveted tomorrow and fitted in place.

“Your mission Jim, is to make a Splashguard….. this tape will self destruct” 

Cut and shaped

On a positive note some correct size decals were found on e-bay and I have a request in on some
others in a reduced size which might look even better. Of course the SWM tank badges cannot be
sourced and any decals that are available are all in the wrong color scheme.

Cables and decals ordered and despite a very cold day the Post Office delivered the new other cables
and oil seals. The new splash guard went on with no fuss and will offer good protection for the carb.

A lot more room to get at the carb

Neat and functional, which is more than can be said for the exhaust
clamp which is a mud grabber!

……and in World news….. an old friend in the UK is sending me a “Gold” competition plate to adorn the
beast. Wayne Weedon is the name so check him out on Facebook, become a friend, and then look in
his album section for all the superb “bling” he is making for our vintage trials irons. Thanks Wayne.


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  • 11/30/2009 2:21 PM Don Hale wrote:
    Hi Tony – Having fun watching the progress on the Jumbo. By the way there is a guy selling some SWM parts in southern california on craig’s list. His ad is posted around nov.15 in the motorcycle section. I was wondering how the rattle can paint you’re using holds up against gas spills etc. The bike is coming along nicely. Also when you were on your trip to retreive the pool table, you stopped for a Chinky. What the heck is that? Have fun – Don
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