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Spring, or the lack of it, came and went and now we are on fast forward and in full summer!  With the
delights of Cotopaxi behind me, the Census job grinding to a close despite lots of promises of more
work and traveling jobs, being on the road, nice hotels + expenses etc, etc.

So while upper management shuffle through their results and pat each other on the back the rest of
the workforce goes back into hibernation with a degree of mistrust of their superiors. Another
government  “mushroom theory” as no information is forthcoming …… some people have much to
learn in the management skills department. Interesting to note that 650,000 people were hired for this
last phase alone, yet the unemployment figures showed a decrease overall in the unemployed by
430,000 for May. In other words there is still no end to this recession even with the creation of these
false jobs!!!

Well for me its back to the garden and pick up the pieces. Much weeding has to take place, flower
beds and rock gardens rebuilt after snow plow drivers pushed them aside. More rocks from the pile
behind the house need to come forward for another raised bed and a whole load of planting and
digging and just maybe get some seeds in the ground.

The weekend had us purchasing some flats of pansy and dianthus at the 2 for 1 special and now with
temps in the 90’s its hard work getting the ground ready. While Brenda planted up her window boxes I
had the unpleasant task of weeding around the rose bed. The Fir and Heather bed got weeded on
Saturday and then watered heavily to try and get my heathers which had spent 6 months under snow
kickstarted back to life. Some signs of greenery pooping back at the bases but for a few they are toast!

Some signs of life

Brenda rigged a good looking drip system for all the boxes and hanging baskets which don’t like
being forgotten when the owners are out to play!

The Clematis has gone mad !

A Happy Hanging Basket on the drip

For me a whole day on hands and knees weeding the driveway and the relocated rose bed. Today
put the rocks back where they were supposed to be, remove the giant dandelions and trim the bush
back before planting and watering. Need to sneak back up the Lizard at some stage and “liberate” a
few firs that are clearly growing in the wrong place.

A lot of repairs and weeding after the “Snow Plow” attack

This could take some time!

One day later, minus the weeds

Done !

Yet more hands and knees weeding down the side of the vegetable plot and then a whole load of
strimming to get the side jungle under control. Another dose of heavy watering and then this morning
time to plant up and see how the delicate plants survive in the 90 temps.

The ice plants love the 90 temps in the Heather bed

Nice splash of color in the pool bed

A little more strimming this morning on the other side of the property and then maybe escape to the
mountains and set free some of those fir trees. As an aside while at the nursery last week I saw a
really nice fir and idly flipped the price tag over……$150 !!! This gardening job sucks…… poor pay…….
never ending……… management are slow with the drinks…….

Getting there !



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