Into the second week of non stop weeding and gardening and things are looking  good considering
the magnitude of the task. The front conifer bed got a second weeding and a bit of color was splashed
about with some new annuals. Now I’m in phase two with the RV bays to weed, the backline of the
property to clean up and strim and then I’m about done for a couple of months. Of course it always
takes longer than you imagine so I’m trying to be realistic on time frame.

Weeds gone again and the lawned cut and edged

With the weeds gone the ice plants can shine

Dianthus add a splash of color

Wild strawberries too

The next two MAJOR tasks are finding a trail and sections for the Escalante 2 Day Trial in August and
then when I’m confident that the event is doable I can turn my attention to rebuilding the Cub. Right now
its yet more bloody weeding!

4.5 bays completed before pain and boredom finally closed out the day, well I can see the difference
and now its will power and determination. Another 2 days of this and I can stand back and just do tidy
up tasks as the mood takes me in 30 min chunks without beating the crap out of my hands.

South side bays all finished

Today’s excitment (I can hardly wait) finish bay 5 and move over to 11 and 10……. maybe clean up the
back and complete the strimming. Though I say so myself things are looking 10 times better than 2
weeks ago and there is a feel good factor in the air as the temps are on the rise and summer growth
can be seen, even a couple of buds on one of the neglected and saved rose bushes. Will be nice to
stand back, even think about some salad catch crops which I never got to plant last year.

The “saved” rose has two buds

Better take some pics to suppliment the text and show the fruits of my labors.

At the end of the second week of non stop gardening and all the bays are finally weeded and the place
looks really good. The last tasks of branch lopping and strimming the back  boundary should be fairly
easy after all the grovelling in gravel. Today its hot, 90F, and its been officially declared a rest day! Back
to the grind tomorrow and get it finished.

Shorty’s Meadow

The overgrown and scruffy “Back 40”

Monday 10 June and its finish day today so that I can get on with the Trials stuff with a clean Honey Do
list. Some minor weeding and then into branches and strimming, hope to knock this one on the head
today and get on the other projects which are stacking up.

It was close but didn’t quite make completion by nightfall. Good effort slowed down by 8 bags of last
year’s leaves which had collected along the fence line. A load more mega weeds and then removal
of the wonderful Cottonwood tree which keeps putting up extras from the parent root stock. Several
other young saplings also got the heave ho but by close of play I was into the branch lopping phase
and tree shaping. About another hour of that and then out with the strimmer to convert a jungle into
what will become a grassed area.

Back from section finding up on Casey’s land and now time to get this project finished. Initial branch
removal took 3 times longer than expected with a lot of dead branches concealed in the growing
ones. The old pruner saw on a pole routine.

Branch removal complete

Perserverance and the strimmer is in action as like an early settler I reclaim the land which will get
the water treatment and some grass seed in the fullness of time. Finally the sore and aching old
gardener gets the job done as the clock shows 2015.

A strimmed and cleaned “Shorty’s Meadow”

The reclaimed “Back 40”

New for 2013 a walk called “Lover’s Lane”


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