So here we are at AZ Cycle Park and we are going to make 11 sections with 4 lines to cater for
all ability and machine capabilities…. we hope! One section is going to be the same for everybody
and I’m not interested in excuses as it’s graded, and then there is always the “don’t like it, don’t
do it option”. It’s been a long time since I last rode a “Graded Climb” so it should be a bit of fun
and as AHRMA want to capture the memories of what trials riding was all about this should be a
fine reminder as we have a piece of land that lends itself to this sort of section.

For those not in the “know” a section like this starts with the normal “Observed Section Begins”
and you now rocket up the hill using everything, a bit like Scotty on Enterprize “C’ptain it’s the
dilithium crystals, we’re giving it all we’ve got!” and the object is to get as far as you can, motor
and little legs an invisible blur, until the front wheel will not go any further.

Thursday and we arrive in good order at AZ Cycle park, our home for the next 4 days. Easy
drive, easy parking and meet up with Ed and Evelyn along with Earl. They have the golf cart
and all the tools on board and in no time we have sections 1 & 2 knocked out which are
continuous and I would rate them as fair to middling in difficulty for the 1 and 2 lines. An average
3 line and quite easy on the beginnners.

1 & 2 Ready for action Thursday night

No3 needs some pruning and a little sawing to get it to our standards. A big old log for 1,2 & 3
just after the start and then only 1 tackles the log again going the other way. 2,3 & 4 get a
break here and only have a series of gentle turns.

Earl gets busy with the saw on an offending limb Section 3

Everything here bites, stabs or scratches! Ed and Evelyn busy with the pruners

4 can’t  be laid out today as it will clash with the cross country course so we move on to 6 and
7. 7 has been eroded a little by a recent storm but after some shovel work we have a section
which could take a few marks from the 1,2 and 3 line riders. 4 line has a nice gentle climb and
then a series of turns to complete the section. For the others varying grades of climbs in and out
of the ditch, but having tried them they are easier than they look.

A bit of shovel work to make the line “doable” on 7

7 all wrapped up “The Grand Canyon”

Over to 6, our only “rocky section”, this is a long pile of road paving chunks which someone has
dumped along a fence line. I like the look of this one, might have to give the checker a box of
band-aids as one side is bounded by a barb wire fence!

Our “rockery” and the fence “they” didn’t like! Section 6

Nearly dark 30 so with 5 out of 12 completed time for a beer!

Section 8 with it’s natural gates for 1/2/3 and coming back to the right of the tree for 1

Friday and 7 sections to set so after a chilly start to the day we set up 8 which is another one
close to the cross country so we have to leave the entry and exit cards for Saturday. A perfect
root spreads out from the base of a huge Ironwood and has suitable knots and twists as natural
changes for the lines. 4 liners need to have their own start for this one. Just to take some marks
from the 1 line riders we come back around the tree and cross another 2 big roots on the far side.

Along the top bank of the motocross track 9 produced a series of in and outs of a natural ditch
which varying degrees of difficulty for all lines.

Evelyn busy with the tapes on 9

10 needed a bit of cleaning up the eroded climb and after a couple of test rides I decided to take
it all the way to the top as I felt it would ride in after the first loop. The cliffsides are a little steep
here so a “Passage Control” was set up to ensure the less experienced rider’s safety. Some nice
big pie plates with the 1,2,3 and 5 standards were hammered in and “cheater lines” on this one
wouldn’t be an advantage as far as we could see.

Sherpa Ed takes a break between Camp 5 and Camp 3

Fred checks the final assault on the Summit of 10 while Dan checks the run in

11 was a classic down and up affair with the 4 line terminating at the bottom of the hill, while 1,2
and 3 lines attacked the loose crumbly adverse uphill before splitting to their own final gates
before the exit.

Mid point on the way up 11

Bottom of 11 after the downhill Slalom, just the upper gates to put in

In the other corner of the track 12 was set out by the base of the big cliff with 4 liners just
running an uphill adverse over bumpy ruts. 1,2 and 3 had  various turns at the bottom before
making their uphill attack with 3 line riders staying close the cliff and the 1 and 2 riders slipping
through a dogleg before the final ascent and just one more bank for the 1 liners as the “sting
in the tail”.

Looks OK! Bottom of 12

Time for the Blue boundary 12

By 2.30 we are wrapped up with only 4 and 5 to set after the cross country event.

4.30 and off we go to set up 5 which needs a lot of pruning and sawing of branches. We are
joined by “others” and at this stage, although helpful, some people can be disruptive and slow
down the operation. 5 gets completed but it’s 6 pm and most people have had enough so 4 is
left for Sat morning and should be be an easy affair for Ed and myself.

Saturday morning and Ed and I lay out 4 which is in the deep wash sand that is actually hard
work to walk through. A straight line attack for the 4 liners, a simple dogleg for the 3 and a couple
more twists for 1 & 2 just to keep them on their toes.

The Arizona equivalent of mud…. good deep wash sand, Section 4

Gates set on 3 and 8 and we are all done with Ed doing a very fine job on the route marking.
By now riders are circulating and looking at lines and best approaches and of course the
“expected complaints” start!

6 is too dangerous with the barbed wire.

No one will ever get up 10. Do the 4 line riders attempt 10?

11 will be a disaster as you can use a cheater line…. GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY!

12 is too hard for the 4 line.

1 & 2 will be a bottleneck, you can’t use continuous subs.

It’s too Hot, it’s too Cold, what about chopping out 4 sections?

We want to finish early…… then ride faster!

GENTLEMEN, GENTLEMEN……..just wait and SEE!

Tony Down , with lots of help from Ed and Evelyn Peacock and Earl Burrows.

….. and not forgetting the site owner.

Full Event report to follow with lots of photos from Brenda Savage Photography  182 pics up on her web, if you rode you WILL be on film!

Brenda Savage Photography 


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  • 2/16/2008 10:16 PM Fred Martinson wrote:
    You should have been at our first AHRMA national, when we announced that
    the event had 15 sections, and 2 loops,
    the creeks ran high.

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  • 2/18/2008 6:21 PM Dave wrote:
    What’s the deal with barb wire and trials? There is that nasty downhill at Chehalis. Straight down and if or when something goes wrong, right into the wire you go. There were some nasty crashes there (not all by me) and so far I haven’t heard of anyone hitting the wire. Motorcycles and barb wire is a bad combination.
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    1. 2/18/2008 9:54 PM Tony Down wrote:

      Just to set your mind to rest, we lowered the fence and in reality your handlebar didn’t come within 18 inches of it on any line. There were a lot more other nasties in the desert to rip your arms to bits.

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  • 2/21/2008 8:20 PM Caulkboy wrote:
    Thanks for posting the pics Tony. That sandy mess can not be easy to ride on/in/thru.

    Is Ed making Evelyn work with a couple busted ribs? Man, he’s tough on her!

    Hope to see yall in Dickson.

    Be good
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