The 2020 Tour de France turned out to be an epic event. As we entered the Saturday individual uphill time trial it looked like the long time leader, Primoz Roglic, would be able to hold off his fellow countryman, Tadej Pogacar, who was just under a minute behind.

Well that was not to be the case as Pogacar surged up the climb  to convincingly win the the Time Trial and in the process also won the King of the Mountains jersey along with the White jersey for the youngest rider and he turns 22 today on Monday 9/21. A pretty good haul for a young man in his first Tour de France !

To the Victor his spoils

Gracious in defeat , can’t say I’d be that pleased after 3 weeks

PARIS, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 20: Podium / Primoz Roglic of Slovenia and Team Jumbo – Visma / Tadej Pogacar of Slovenia and UAE Team Emirates Yellow Leader Jersey / Richie Porte of Australia and Team Trek – Segafredo / Celebration / Trophy / during the 107th Tour de France 2020, Stage 21 a 122km stage from Mantes-La-Jolie to Paris Champs-Élysées / #TDF2020 / @LeTour / on September 20, 2020 in Paris, France. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

The top 3 all well deserved

Local lad, Seth Cuss, from Durango 

Watching the event tired me out and I was only able to hit 27.57 on my uphill headwind ride to the lakes and back.  Never mind, adding this year’s current total of 3653.42 to the hard fought previous numbers, I’m currently at 15,044.35 miles completed out of the 24,902 target that I set myself. Is another 1000 miles on the cards for this year before the snow shuts me down?

September has been a very strange weather month and with ultra cold weather in a nasty snap that went from the 90’s down to the low 40’s and I’ve had SIX “enforced rest days”. 9 days left but I’ll lose one of those for medical scans over in Durango. Might crack another 200 miles  if there are no problems.

Looking at today’s weather its cooler, overcast and after a quick look it’s forecast for thunderstorms! Hmmmm, we will wait and see if it warms up but its not too nice right now!

Coming soon will be the annual “go through” on the Trials Bikes with a view to selling a few and maybe the faithful Beemer. Apparently my “No Excuses Cub”, although a genuine Pre 65 is not one of the oldest Triumphs around    …… read on

Dazzling !      Nice one Moses

Will he ride it again ?

Right now I’m obsessed with this cycling thing and it certainly passes a lot of time during the pandemic. Keeps me fit ? clearly keeps me away from people, and passes quite a few hours climbing hills and fighting headwinds.

Yesterday was definitely Fall or Autumn, whatever you choose to call it, and as I go up the hill towards Telluride the changing colors of the foliage are quite beautiful. The day started cool, no very cool, and with the Easterly wind which I don’t really like. Many thoughts on what to wear, and went thermal for the late morning mini ride which took me through the 3700 kite but then the day changed and it became pleasantly warm so back to shirts and shorts. Second ride racked up a few bonus miles and finished on 25.15 for the day.

Recently bought some new inexpensive sunglasses in the “Tour” style wrap around look and early trials say they are pretty good!

Comfy and good for keeping the wind out

Also waiting for another pair of “Von Zipper Rockfords” from France which should arrive in the next week.

Always loved the Rockford Aviator style both for flying and Trials

Before the Pandemic arrived I was doing a lot of research on a car for me to drive, assuming I could beat this cancer thing. A sort of prize, or something to look forward to. The choices were vast but eventually my selection was narrowed down to a chosen few. One of my favorites was this gorgeous 2010 RR Turbo.

Private sale down in Phoenix, only 89K on the clock.

Just different enough to appeal to me!

I can’t say that I was surprised it hadn’t sold as I thought the asking price was a little high and with all the uncertainty of the Pandemic who would be car shopping?   Well I looked again and the price had DROPPED by 6K !!!!  ……. reading on, sadly there was a “rider” that there was a timing chain issue ?    Again more research from yours truly shows that the engine that was fitted to the “2010” was subject to this problem and the fix is likely to cost around $6000 or even a replacement engine at around $22,000 !!!!

Well if that one is not for me there are still a couple of Jags out there that I quite like, are at the right price and mileage, so maybe just maybe?

Good looker, and no, NOT a soft top but the roof covering that was all the rage back then

Tons of wood of these beautiful dashes

The S-Type

Another S-Type at a dealership

Bigger engine on this one, “The R Model!!” They say Green?

Better refurbish some stuff and get it all sold, so anyone looking for a TY125, maybe the No Excuses Tiger Cub (64), or my very personal TY 250A Superglitz and even the BMW 2005 K1200LT with only 12,000 miles and recently serviced with new tires and seats …. send me an e-mail

Recently found this old brochure of Mick dating back to 1973 when it first came out

From the 1973 Brochure but not for sale until mid 74

Many hours looking at same after years on Montesa and Bultaco before writing directly to Yamaha Japan to ask if I could have one ? Bit of a nerve but as they say “Don’t ask, don’t get!”   and I GOT MINE!!

1974 at the Cattle Market ready for the SSDT

Hardly used TY125 I built for Brenda

Friday 9/25 and hospital time again over in Durango for a different type of scan to see what’s happening. Not sure how long all this will take but maybe more news on the knowledge front.

Scan and bloodwork all done and now wait to see Julie, the Nurse Physician. Scan pictures and findings she will pass on when they are available later this afternoon. All the blood work looks good, but the tumor index, which had come down from about 97 to just over 3 during the 12 chemo sessions had been increasing since moving over to the pills and was still rising at 27 so time to address this issue and the scan which can track the radio active stuff that they injected me which shows where the cancer is actively working and eating the protein that the blood produces ……. very clever! No surprise then that the cancer tumors in the liver and another in the colon are not being fully held in check with these pills so its back to another dose of the full chemo drip, but with a change of some of the poisons and perhaps some reduction in the side effects. This could start as early as next week!

Following this we both went for some Flu shots in Cortez and I’ll need another pneumonia shot to stay one jump ahead.

Back to the chair!

Ah yes, I remember it well

Of course this sudden change could upset my cycling plans but I think I can get through the 3800 marker by this weekend






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