October 27 and its getting cold! Time for some more of that Mountain Man stuff so the last of the logs
are suitably split and stacked. The duty fire is lit, and lo, the flames start to burn “Blue”, now according
to Granny and many other Old Wives tales “when the flames burn blue then yee shall have snow”

No surprise then as I sit typing this we have 3″ of nice wet snow on the ground and the forecast of
another 3-5 inches to fall today. My furry friends are looking forward to a lot of snuffing and nosing in the
white stuff so now time to drag out the Spyder jacket and the Merrell snow booties.

The first snow of the season in the shade garden

Time to get up in the loft, put away the trials kit, and get down all the sheepskins and heavy duty snow
gear, then time to get the gazebo canopy off before that rips to shreds and put away all the cushions
from the seating area in the shade garden. When this lot melts, it will time to plant some spring bulbs
and then wait for the daffs and crocus to pop up in the spring. Good thing I got the last lawn mowing
done, the leaves will be left to blow on someone else’s property and I’ll pick up whats left in April. This
morning brought back a lot of memories of pheasant shooting in the snow with wild arsed Labradors.

A late flush right under your feet !

Just coming into the last hunting season and with this cold snap maybe the Elks will come down out
of the high country and should at least be easier to track with snow on the ground. From what I’ve seen
the hunters seem to have done better this year with most filling their tags.

Well its melted, then snowed again and now we are melting once more although we might get another
dose tonight when the temperatures fall but its a wet snow so it will melt quickly and then be the slushy
mess everywhere for a couple of days and should all be gone by the weekend.

No snow overnight just down to 14F this morning so its crisp and crunchy and the forecast is to make
freezing point as a high during the day. We were pretty lucky looking at the pictures from Golden Co
where they got 28 inches and its still snowing and trucks and cars are all over the medians due to
persistent stupidity behind the wheel.

The Pool season is starting up again and Brenda wants to distinguish herself this year and not be the
token female so maybe we will have to get her some practice equipment and if nothing else it will
relieve the winter boredom. Like everything else in life there are some bargains to be had as people
try and sell off assets for whatever they can get. We have our eye on one of these on Craig’s List so
maybe a quick look see coming soon. Its a bar machine so at least it will be the same size we play on
in the competitions so no excuses if it doesn’t produce the results.

The Valley Cougar coin operated model

New on Craig’s list another nice looking table but so far we are having trouble getting the current owner
to divulge the measurements!

Brenda likes the color better on this one

Now just to add to the fun the main water line heat tape has failed on the RV so an exciting afternoon
fooling around in iced water trying thaw it out and fit a new one before the tenant returns from his
labors. By 1630 I have the rather unpleasant job completed and once more the fire is lit ……. but this
time its not burning Blue !


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