As the year comes to an end the first tasks of rebuilding bikes are under way. The Fantic wheel is
clean and ready for new bearings. Searches are being made to source the TY mono or YZ front wheel
that will adorne Superglitz  and both sets of red legs are having the paint removed. There is also an
ever growing parts list to restock the workshop after a year off.

Second coat for the TY monos

My old paint remover can gave up the ghost so now armed will a “new” paste we will see how many
attempts this will take to get the forks back to bare alloy.

Cheap Italian paint comes off the Fantics

A lot of unknowns at this stage as to whether all my proposed changes will fit ? Well we know they
can be made to fit but I’m hoping I can do them without having to machine parts or make changes that
I can’t reverse if I don’t like the results.

Seems the YZ wheels are the same as the TY Mono so now its down to headstock bearings and
stem length. The TY monos were fitted with taper roller brgs but of course I have the brgs but not the
cup that fits in the frame. Might have to go back to balls which I must confess I have never had a
problem with. Need to measure the Mono versus the Twinshock set up and see if any problems are

Despite the cold I need to hump the Enfield up on the ramp and start dismantling and see where
that leads. Then dismantle both sets of forks. I’m reading that the TY Monos are difficult although I
really can’t see why they should be any different from any other fork…… we will see.

Meanwhile the paste is eating the paint and I think one final application will be enough and then
some mild polishing to see if we stay alloy or repaint.

Rough casting and a lot of blemishes

With the paint mostly off its easy to see why they painted fork legs in the 80’s ? Must be cost, pure and
simple, as the finish on both sets is “rough” cast so much cheaper to paint than have polished to a
chrome like finish. …….. a few hours later they look like this and we will soon move on to the magic
Solvol and see how they come up.

Getting there !

Better, but still a way to go

The TY yokes polished up nicely so just some checking against an old frame to see how they can
be fitted. Also a good time to look at what parts I have left from the Yam building days.

Provisional restocking list :

Brake cables for TY and Fantic hubs
Yellow heat shrink
Yellow universal or Gas Gas 125/200 front fender/mudguard
3 sets Doherty grips
Wheel bearings
Brake shoes
2 sets Magical fork springs
Polishing kits
Metric nuts and bolts
Fork oil seals and wipers

Sherlock’s initial investigation reveals that the Yam stem lengths are the same, upper brg and other hardware both the same but the lower bearing is a different diameter as is the lower portion of the
stem on the Mono set up. To my untrained eye the easiest option would seem to be a new lower
bearing plate or turn down an old stem to fit in the mono bottom yoke which on second thoughts
might be an even better idea, and perhaps the easiest and cheapest option.

Same length, same top brg size and thread, just the bottom to rethink

Last Friday of the year and time to slip into town, get a couple of polishers and some wire wool and
find  two 6202 brgs for the Fantic wheel. Napa has some but the price is ridiculous so move on and
get some at a much better price at the Honda dealership. They also point me in the right direction for
“The best machinist in Cortez” but he isn’t there but they do give me his cell so more pieces of the
jig-saw come together.

New “6202’s” from Honda

Back home the brgs go in so another one of the jobs complete…….. and remember get the right tools
for the job. 10 mins with them or countless hours of frustration with screwdrivers and scissors and
an equal ammount of time spent grovelling around on the floor trying to find that bloody circlip that
pinged off at moment critique!

Using the “old” to reseat the new

Use the right tool !

Back to the forks and the Fantics get their first ever dose of Solvol. Better, but not perfect so a few more applications to go. The TY monos had some abuse from previous owners who seemed to have a
passion for colliding with large rocks of the granite kind.

Scuffed monos

Nicely rebuffed

More hours of fingerprint removing with the buffer and the forks are almost blemish free and my
fingers sure are shiney! These (the fork legs that is) will now be taken into “the warmth and pleasure
of the inn” where they can be polished while watching TV.

Fantics ready for New Year fitting

Monos ready for some TV and fireside polishing


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  • 1/3/2012 7:34 AM Jimmy Allison wrote:
    Good to see the progress. You should have pictures of a YZ wheel coming from John Bergener along with some measurements. It will cost you though.
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  • 1/3/2012 8:41 AM John Bergener wrote:
    Happy New Year to you and yours Tony! I have pics & details concerning our YZ front wheel I’d like to send you. If you could reply to me with your email I will forward you the particulars. I’ve enjoyed following your build postings as you progress, and also, I got a kick out of seeing my BSA B40 in the background of you Turkey Rock pic in the “Going West” episode!
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  • 1/11/2012 5:21 PM Wayne Weedon wrote:
    Keep it up Tony! I’ll be popping back every now and again!
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  • 1/13/2012 7:20 PM simon wilkinson wrote:
    Nice Work, see for my diary of Resto on TY175 and NVT125. Simon
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  • 1/13/2013 9:48 AM Hap Oswald wrote:
    I realize this post was last year but I am looking for a pair of 35mm Marzocchi sliders and a front wheel to match bETA TR32 OR fANTIC 300 anyone have something lying around…. thnaks Hap
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