With the arrival of the TY Mono fork seals and a free non driving weekend time to explore the mysteries
of these problem forks. Hopefully next week will see the arrival of the Marzocchi seals and wipers and
both sets of Magical springs. Yes, a lot to do but I suppose as you get older youth’s natural impatience
is curbed and a slower more logical engineering time frame comes into play.

I’m torn with the Monos as they seem to have good seals and have clearly never been replaced,
should I dismantle and refit or leave well alone until they eventually fail? The Marzocchis are being
replaced so I’ll crack on with them. For the Monos I need a long extension T bar and a 22mm socket
so not that much of a problem after all. Of course I have plenty of 22mm sockets but I need a longer extension bar. Better get them all cleaned out and working well as I have the parts. The usual acid test
is the drain plug and see what happens when it is removed ? Will it be oil that has become sludge,
will it be water, or will it be nothing at all or a combination of all three ?

Both wheels and brake plates all finished just waiting for forks to fit into. While searching for
something else a TY Mono mudguard stay fell in my hand ? well another workshop first as I didn’t even
know I had one. Also found a NEW unopened SM TY175/250 fender brace and I see these are retailing
at over $70 now !

Where are my forks?

Nearly ready

The “find” of a Mono fork brace/mudguard stay….. who knew ?

The workshop is now clean and tidy once more and waiting on the heavy engineering that should get underway this week if some of the bits arrive. Major hold up is the Marzocchi seals and then the Enfield
front end should be a go.

Marzocchis in for test fitting

The ice cold Marzocchi legs came apart and the seals were removed. Some damage to the top of one
leg but as these forks take double seals it shouldn’t be a problem. Now time to seperate the internals
and give them a good cleaning to remove all the gummy oil mud deposits which really do alter the
function of the units big time. The will it, won’t it ?of the big hex bolts was easy with the aid of a big ring spanner on the allen key and one sharp knock with the heel of the hand and the bolts unscrewed.

All apart no problems

Better than expected

Now time for those Monos, perhaps they will play ball too. I will try the same trick, then move on to
impacts and hammer drills and if necessary go borrow or buy a long extension bar. If I’m going to all
this trouble I may as well start with all clean innards.

Middle of the week and the Magicals springs arrived so now just waiting on those oil seals and
wipers and then I should be in business to get on with the Enfield. Further investigation of the Monos
reveals a full compliment of oil ? well that was a surprize and fairly clean to boot ! The plan changes
again and I will leave well alone on these. For the Fantics I now need a decent set of circlip pliers.
The ones I have been using for years, while doing the job adequately, are not the best tool I have
ever used.

The Magicals arrive

All the Fantic bits arrived today but I’m fully committed for the next couple of days so patience has to
come into play again but at least I can get my frozen fingers working on something in the coming

All the Fantic bits made it across the Atlantic

The seals all went in, the internals were cleaned but were better than most, the new Magicals were
dropped in and spacers loaded, now time for some lightweight oil at 7 and I’ll see how that goes. I
don’t think I have used anything that light but I’ll follow the maker’s specs and adjust from there. Only
major concern I have is that both sets of Magicals are the same size and fit both the Marzocchis and
the TY Monos. Well the springs that came out of the Marzocchis were about 1.5″ longer and not
progressive and the spacers were shorter. Looks like I’ll be making some longer spacers …. better
check some old Yam forks and see what length they are.

Seals, wipers, Magicals and oil fitted, not sure about the spacers but
otherwise forking good !


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  • 2/5/2012 7:51 AM Jim Carey wrote:
    Just subscribed a couple days ago, and the first blog received is about fork upkeep. Awesome timing as I’m jutst about to embark on a fork job on my OSSA MAR. Appreciated the text, and especially the pics. Thanks, Tony!
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    1. 2/5/2012 8:24 AM Tony Down wrote:
      Glad that one was of some help. You might find “How to, Changing Fork oil seals” useful as well with a lot of pics as you go through the steps. It was published in Jan 2008 so you will need to come down to previous years and hit 2008 and then Jan.

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    2. 2/5/2012 8:29 AM Tony Down wrote:
      I replied to your comments and hope you will find the extra article useful

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      1. 2/6/2012 9:44 AM steve fracy wrote:
        Hi Tony:

        With the Fantic forks, even though stock they come with double seals, the hot setup is only to use one seal per leg…..less friction.
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