7/4/20 Covid and the pedals push us onto 2005.64 miles for the year. Champers flows and more targets and goals are set. Total around the Globe stands at 13,396.57 so I’m looking for 14,000 by the end of July.

Worth the wait ….. the “2000” prize!

Well that was 7/4/20 and since then the pedals have kept moving along with the weeding fork and quite a lot of garden work out in the front bed. With the virus in full swing, and getting worse on a daily basis, the toilet paper hoarders moved their attention over to plants and seeds! our local nursery has NEVER had a season like this and even the Walmart Mortuary is also stripped bare. After everything froze in the late May frosts they were back for everything they could get their hands on leaving precious little for those of us who plant when the beds are ready.

You may remember the sad scenes of my dead and dying fir trees…

Too sad

3 Walmart purchases, didn’t like the full sun or the soil conditions and wilted twice a day despite my best efforts at watering

Sulky devils get replanted in the whisky barrels and love the twice a day irrigation ……. happy now

With fresh plants purchased and specific instructions from the Nursery and my dearly departed Mother ….. holes are dug in the bullet hard ground and then a couple of sessions of “puddling” as Mother called it to set the area for the new plant

New plants and compost ready to go

The hole is excavated

Puddling begins …. Potentilla observes …. its a BIG hole

In we go !

All dug in and mucho water twice a day

My self seeded Cotoneasters join in for ground cover

Around the corner and what was “in” is now “out” and more mega hole digging and puddling begins

“All In”     as they say

More work on the walkway completes this area ……. more coming

The days are warmer, but the afternoon winds are still very strong with Red Flag warnings on a daily basis. Game plan has now become, morning ride, beer drinking, afternoon weeding and planting, beer drinking …… depressing world news!

In other news from the garden “Rocky Raccoon” has become a mother again!

Mamma Cat with gorgeous eyes

The unnamed first born on guard

A new litter of 5 !

Not very friendly, as yet, we will see how this goes.

The garden struggle continues and I had to return to 4 Seasons to redeem our “fall gold” bonus vouchers  …… again never seen the place so bare!

Home and watered

Blue Eyes looks on

The new plants are in intensive care with mega watering while in their pots as other areas are worked on. Radish and lettuce finally get planted after an afternoon of removing maple roots from the seed bed and are already germinating and poking through.

Finally, I actually get the seeds in the ground …… hello Radish

……. and some lettuce too

The Scuffy Bed gets its last bit of weeding and with a sharpened lawn knife and edging shears the edge is re-cut to  my liking.


There has been a “Mint” invasion in the raised front bed!!

Friday, 7/17 and absolutely NO Wind ? not quite sure about this but the cyclist is on his way and knocks out another 30.24 before lunch.

Not so good after lunch as the wind starts up again with a vicious blast from the east and becomes very unpleasant. Any plans for the extra miles go out the window and more gardening gets underway with pruning lower annoying branches off the Maple and clearing and dead heading the Rosebed. A little work on the Mint but the ground is too hard so it gets watered. Needn’t have bothered as we get a heavy shower which lasts for over an hour ….. so no watering this morning.

Another round of those chemo pills is complete and hands are not quite such a mess as they were, and apparently the results from the scan from last week were good!

Morning ride went well, not too much wind and 30.35 completed but I’m planning on a few more this afternoon to make up for the afternoons I missed ….. still on track for the monthly targets. No sooner out on the bike and making my way downtown when it starts sprinkling with rain and then really lets go …….. just make it into the drive through portion of the bank. Never mind 35.26 for the day.

….. and I stayed dry

Sunday 7/19/ Covid a bit late getting under way but home with 28.67 to take me through the 2400 Banner and with every intention of getting a few more this afternoon to give me a head start into the 25’s. Finished the day on 38.87 for 2412.05 for the year.

12 days in the month left ……. how much more?







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