With my season having finished at Tooele after Day 1 there are now 4 winters months of nothing until
2011 clicks into gear and another challenge begins. Time to think out any winter projects, imagine
things in the minds eye, and ponder on what to ride in 2011.

For a long time now I’ve been wanting to get rid of the frame undertube on the Cub. Not that it needs
any more ground clearance, but more of an infuriating issue trying to keep it upright on a workshop
stand with the SM bashplate. I need to fabricate something along the lines of the  perfect protection I
had made for the Enfield, a simple but very effective solution.

The undertube that needs to go

The bashplate that won’t sit still !

I need to copy this style for the Cub

The frame would also be nice if it was chrome or nickel but these days on limited funds that would
seem to be out of the question. But…………..

Locally there is a “powder paint” specialist and I have to say what they can do with that technique
these days is quite amazing! I had a look at some of his examples and I was very impressed so
perhaps that might be on Santa’s list if I behave myself. A sort of shot gold and black frame would be

Every color in the rainbow, and then some

The Gun carriage Enfield once again never got to show her worth and although being touted round to
all the events I rode, she sat on the bench and never got an entry. Shame on me!  Not much I can do
with the old girl as it was machined out of the solid and I can’t see any way of lightening the thing up
without going to the expense of a cheater frame in unobtanium.

Maybe I should put it on the “Nutri system diet”

Back to the Cub I could try something fancy and reverse the oil and fuel systems and make a fuel tank
where the current Sammy Miller oil tank is as the top frame member. I could persuade Ray Iddon to
make me an oil tank with full rear tire coverage and then using the current oil tank which is under the
tank, make one slightly bigger and neater as the fuel carrier, a bit like my old Ossamaha. Well food for
thought here. This in turn would remove all the frame carried oil tubes and tidy things up.

Ray’s concept oil tank

Neat and functional on the left side

Of course I have always liked the “Stealth” tank that Ray built for his “One Trick Cub”. Maybe something
a little thinner would really give the No Excuse Cub that “new look”.

One of these but a bit smaller and thinner maybe ?

….. and finally there is the engine? Do I really need any mods here? Never been lacking in power but
perhaps an upgrade to a 230cc or 250cc motor, and of course a new clutch cable. Another item I like
is this very neat and out of the way exhaust system.

Very neat exhaust system


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