School bus driving came to an end yesterday so now 2 months plus of freedom to do personal things without getting up in the middle of the night to go to work! There will of course be a LOT of sleeping as it always takes it’s toll as the end comes into sight and fatigue sets in.



None of this and countless hours of cutting and laying out

Without the cutting and route finding tasks of the last 2 years for the Escalante 2 Day Trial I will have a lot more opportunities to complete projects that have always ended up on the back burner. Routine maintenance is first with the weeding saga and getting the remaining beds up and ready for June planting. After that the “waterfalls” need my attention and a liner will be needed for the lower return pool which was losing water last year. The ambitious raised veggie garden has a better than even chance of getting done this summer, a lot of work, but fresh salad veg will be mine!

Day 1 of the long holiday starts and everything is wet and soggy from last night’s storm. Puddles everywhere and that dampness hanging in the air. Forecast is yet another week of this and despite all the local pundits desires for more rain I’m getting a bit tired of it!

Car decluttered after all the bus bits have been removed now time to get in that workshop and get some bike work completed. I had a quick look at “No Excuses” footrests to see if I could fit a set of the Apico ones I like that now adorn Superglitz but the shank length is longer on the Cub ones and of course Ray fabricated the hangers for the pegs I sent him. I suppose I could alter them ……. a bit more thought required on this one?


What I wanted for the Cub but the hanger would need some serious modification

Time for the gaskets and a comparison shows just how much thicker the new ones are. I can only assume the “finned” covers are slightly shallower than the originals hence the need for a thicker set.


A LOT thicker!


Fitted at last

All fitted, lets hope no more “ticking” on start up.

Fit the redesigned tank now without the crossflow tube so the Cub is ready for action again.


NO Cross-flow

Moving on to the strimmer the line is replaced with Stihl’s finest and strimming begins clearing the front area (man the grass is growing like crazy with all this rain) and as I reach about the 10% mark the rain starts again! ……. followed but thunder and lightning and goes on all bloody afternoon forcing me inside yet again.

That was Friday and it has rained ever since and today, Sunday, it was another very wet start to the day and no chance of gardening at all so we tried the “Wild Asparagus Hunting”……. it grows wild in this part of Colorado, or so they say, BUT nobody will EVER tell you where it is ? We went on a wild goosechase a couple of years ago following some sage’s advice but never found any!

Today we meet up with Andy who works with Brenda and who we also gave the old couch to a few weeks back. He says he knows where it can be found …… and lo’ we actually find some and now know what we are looking for!


Suitably prepared it will be tonight’s veg with the pork chops.









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