Still a million questions including all the “what ifs” and “why me?” but the battle continues and its now 7/30. Still very tired, some nausea, dehydration, dizziness and loss of taste. Energy and guts, or willpower, are where I need to concentrate, and stop feeling sorry for myself but that of course requires a lot of effort at this point.

Bit of a plan for today, start Safari, water the seeds, mow the grass and finish off the frogs and gnomes. With the exception of the grass the rest gets done but then suddenly the chemo kicks me and I’m not feeling too good. Another one of those moments when you realize you might not make it!

No matter, let’s see what Michael Angelo has been up to in the Chapel. We started with the sad pairing of “Steptoe & Son” our two Travelocity Gnomes who had made it through 10 years of Colorado winter’s and were definitely looking “shabby chic”

Steptoe less than chic

Son, shabby

New, hats in red, fresh blue coats and some clean black wellies. New belts and buckles to complete the outfit along with a visit to the barber’s for a trim of the beard.

Nice beard

Pretty snappy!

A couple of pond “newbies” from the Dollar Store. They came with orange coats ……. yuk! so they got the blue coat treatment

The last remaining “big frog” got the complete makeover


The pool lifeguard got the full treatment too and is now on patrol by the one open water lily

See you in the pool

Last of the old frog collection “the unattached swinger” was looking pretty rough so another full makeover

Sad, and off color

Much better …… and Brenda patiently rehangs him

While still in the Shade Garden our “Queen Ladybird” was looking a little tatty so a repaint for her in proper Ladybird colors

A  repaint coming

Sadly two of the biggest frogs were destroyed in last year’s gale when the sign came crashing down on the rockery and pool beds. One was a beautiful ceramic that I had purchased at the Escalante Days Festival


Now that’s a deadfall !

Dead ceramic

Gruesome fate

Well our local garden center has a few replacements and these are home waiting for layout and placement ……. and then of course I have a birthday.

Hear No, Say No.

Family group

Why me ?






















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