Is this what happens ?

That time of the year again and time to start planning bike mods for the 2012 season. Well dear
readers you will have seen the disaster the Trustees at Ahrma have made of the Trials season and
I’m quite sure the year will be the worst turnout ever with the exception of Chehalis.

A few comments here, a few there, and some on Trials Central

Well as I won’t be riding any Ahrma events where shall I go ?  Three events that stand out to ride are
Dave Rhodes Outlaw Trial in Canada on their May long weekend, and for that I’ll be returning the
Superglitz to riding status as soon as I get it back from Ed. Should look fantastic in it’s “new” livery …….
and the parts are on their way!

Superglitz as she is

A lot of co-ordinating to do in retro yellow

June and I’m equally determined to ride the Enfield at Steamboat. The parts for the mods arrived this
week and on Friday I unpacked them and on first look I think it will all work.

Just how much does that front end weigh ?

To Fantasize an Enfield

August and this year time to take either Superglitz or No Excuse on an outing at the Ute Cup.

With regard to the rest of the year I’m waiting on the RM meeting next week so I should know what
they have up their sleeve for 2012. Perhaps the only trial on the Ahrma crap calendar that I will go to is Casper as I love the event….. what a shame that those trustees have no idea of the difference between
a trial and a parade. But they did find a use for the deep wash sand at AZ Cycle Park !!

The Ahrma board of trustees reviews the Twinshock proposal

Having rejected it they now move on to A.O.B ….. but a good use of AZ
Cycle Park sand !

By the look of things, and from all the comments on Trials Central as a follow up it would appear there
is considerable interest in an “ITSA goes West” chapter. Now for those not in the know about ITSA it
covers ALL machines up to mono shock and they only have to have drum brakes, an air cooled motor,
and fairly obviously TWIN SHOCKS. You can build any special you like as long as it complies, so
converted early monos are in if you graft on a couple of shockers. The Ty’s from 84-86 are prime
candidates as are the early Honda RTL’s ….. hmmmm, now theres a thought.!!!!

ITSA or is it ? well it needs a drum front brake

With regard to the sections and riding…… this is how it goes……… 25 sections are laid out around the conventional loop and are clearly marked as Sections A,B,C,D and E and there will be 5 of each type. Normally each section will be bounded by red and blue ribbon and you can go where you like within
the section, as there are no gates or split cards, and the marking is conventional no-stop rules.

Just a red and a blue, no splits

For ease of comparison with Ahrma sections 1 line riders ride 5 X A sections and the 5 X B sections.
2 liners go for the 5 X B,+ the 5 X C. 3 liners or Novices ride the 5 X C and the 5 X D while beginners
take on the 5 X D and the confidence building 5 X E. Most checking is done on the “buddy-check”
system and the groups circulate at their own speed stopping between loops if desired, of course any volunteers are welcome to be checkers/observers and add to the fun.

You may think this is one hell of a lot of work, especially if its a 2 Day and 50 sections are required.
Well in truth, not really because as any Trialsmaster will tell you some sections just don’t lend
themselves to 4 lines but are excellent tests in themselves for certain ability levels. Also you don’t
have to spend hours banging in stakes and mounting split cards and then playing devil’s advocate
with the section trying to stop “cheater lines” and blocking them off. So you can have 25 sections that
are challenging and straight forward or 10 sections with 4 lines which effectively means you are
laying out 40 sections!! ……. and once in a while you CAN have section of SINGLE LINE FOR ALL if
the terrain lends itself to it or you have a suitable safe area for a Graded Hill. Remember, even the
SIMPLEST hazard is a section once the BEGINS and ENDS cards are up and if you don’t believe me
ask ANY Scottish Six Days rider if they screwed up the joke section of Town Hall Brae at some time
in their riding career ?

IT’S Beginning to look a lot like ITSA !


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  • 12/15/2011 9:30 AM jimmy allison wrote:
    Tony, Thanks for the info on how ITSA events work. I love the AHRMA cartoon because it is so true. Merry Christmas.
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  • 12/15/2011 10:56 AM John Holbrook wrote:
    As usual you have cut to the meat of the issue. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy, Happy Trials New Year!!!!!
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  • 12/16/2011 8:44 PM Tim Jackson wrote:
    Tony, Ed & Evelyn resigning has been a big blow to vintage trials. Bless their years of good work! Points to a main problem being events are far flung & working dudes like me in Eastern Idaho barely have time to travel to meets, let alone volunteer. Do give Steamboat a try this year. Good sections, even though you have to put up with us crusty “multiple discipline” MX/trials blokes. Me and Idaho pals for years have urged AHRMA to “do it all” — offer vintage trails (yes, with a twin shock class and even a modern support class), VMX & Post-VMX all rolled into a series of action-packed weekends in the West. I love blasting a moto on my B50, hopping on the Sherpa T for a few sections, then back onto the BSA. Spread them out on the calendar so we can save up gas money & vacation time to attend such venues. Heck, I’d even work a section here and there! Point is, we old dirt bike freaks need to cooperate. We ain’t breeding as fast as we’re dying off!
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  • 12/27/2011 10:07 AM Fred wrote:
    AHRMA has just made a big mistake, just go back and put their head in the sand, like it was in the early 2000’s
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