Still there but lost some time

A vicious day of climbing and despite everything Roglic maintained his leader’s jersey while Durango native Sepp Kuss finished 4th on the day and is now 8th overall.

On home shores after a very wet week here in the Colorado Mountains I put in a gamey 26.50 in the much cooler, but dry weather.

Getting to be hard work!

Tried to pay the property taxes but the Treasurer’s machine managed to take the money TWICE!!! and they better get that sorted pronto or I’ll show them my other side.

Consultation on the scans and they tell me that the tumors are all growing nicely and of course there is nothing they can do. As I have discovered from many books Chemo has a 90% failure rate against ALL cancers, but is FDA approved and a $200 billion industry. Natural cures using plants etc are not covered by insurances so there is nothing left but to accept fate and die when the disease says so. Of course I have never felt ill from cancer just the horrible side effects. They do say in the books that it “seems” that once you have tried chemo it almost promotes it as the cells gain immunity, bloody brilliant! Certainly feeling completely helpless and more than a bit pissed off and terrified.

All these wonderful terms “enjoy the quality of life” , “do what you can to enjoy life” etc, etc, are just PURE BUNKUM!! There is NO QUALITY of life when you are told you are going to die! Yes, you can argue that I can ride my bike or do gardening but there are millions of other things that just seem so pointless at this moment in time.

Another flat stage for the sprinters today but of course if they were not included you not not expect them to even attempt the mountains.

Not for me!

Tomorrow a real beast of a day but then the 1st rest day which will be a huge relief for some.


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  1. Thanks for your post. Your comments on living with cancer are the most honest and raw thing I’ve read in many months. Respect.

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