You can smell them on the bike

Saturday morning and much planning to take in all the required venues. Brenda wants to visit a
couple of wineries, one with her family name, we need the Dean & Deluca cheese selections for
tomorrow’s wine tasting lunch at Rutherford Hill and after a chance meeting over dinner we now have
a wine tasting in Pope Valley.

Through the Avenue on a delightful day

First stop is over in the “other” valley of Sonoma to visit the Jacuzzi family and see if their local
produce is as pleasant as their offering that Brenda sells at the Brew Pub. Seems that this family
were mad keen on flying in the very early days and were forever crashing until father told them to get
into wine making and also develop the hot tub with bubbles.

The run goes well in pleasant sunshine even stopping in the No 1 slot at the railway crossing where
we wait for the wine country train or Napa’s answer to the Orient Express which apparently could well
be worth a trip in the future and looks like fun with on board bars and 3 upscale restaurants.

Stopping for the Wine Train

Looks like a lot of fun next year

About a 40 mile run on the bike in nice conditions and we find the place right beside an old airfield
still flying vintage biplanes! The place is chock-a-block with tourists and it takes a little time before we
make it to the front row to be greeted by hostess who tells us she is a light pourer!!  She isn’t kidding
and samples barely cover the bottom of the glass. Not much here but Brenda buys the duty “two” and
off we go to our next stop at Dean & Deluca for our cheese selection for the Sunday picnic.

The Jacuzzi Winery…….. um, stick to bubbles and baths me thinks!

Usual selections and tasters and then over to BV for another wine map to replace the one that got
left in the Beaver Marquis when it got handed back after the great recession. Shopping complete time
to find the Pope Valley Winery.

Find the turn off and up and across the Silverado Trail and into some spectacular bends!! Well this
will be fun even if the wine is rubbish. Lots of oooohs and aaahs from Brenda as we negotiate the
bends and then we are down in Pope Valley and locate the Winery.

Grapes spoken here

Definitely rustic

Pleasant pourer, Rachel, clearly hasn’t heard anything about “light pouring” and from my calculations
as we survey the complimentary selection and then the reseve it looks like a tasting here is around
the two bottles a head variety while we work our way through the cheeseboard. With all those bendy
curves still to come on the way home I opt out of the reserve tasting!…… but I do have a sip of the port.
Might come back here again next year!!

Home of the 2 bottle tastings!!

The whole venue is definitely rustic and the wines are pretty good so we buy a case and stuff it in the
top box of the Beemer. A fun run back to Calistoga and the bends before we swop Beemer for bicycles
and set off for our anniversary meal.

Here we go again……..

Another zippy right …..left


top of the hill

Back home with Bacchus on the Beemer….. looks a bit like Valentino to

We have to wait for our seats at the bar but as it’s our preferred dining area and the service is better, definitely worth the wait. Overall a wonderful day and the “full” tasting day tomorrow.

The “worth the wait” seating area in our favorite restaurant bar


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