Well as Mercury, wasn’t that the old National Benzole symbol ?, turned right side up things are off to
a brighter start. First mission this morning was to organize a snow plow but within minutes of
discussing it a man with a Bobcat skid steer knocked on the door and no sooner was he briefed and
at work than another phone call from another plow in need of work. Was it the “Winged God” ??

Time for some plowing

Happiness is the sound of a Bobcat engine

Nice job !

Happiness is the sound of a Bobcat pushing snow! I guess I could have made some easy money if
I’d kept one of mine but hindsight is a wonderful thing.  So with any luck and just a little digging I
should get the Safari on the road next week and hope that Howard has his yard plowed out and can
get the job done.  Simple enough job, take all the back four wheels off, pull the 1/2 shafts, replace the
seals, clean off the brake shoes and wash out the drums and refit, and top off the oil.

Safari is free

Thinking bikes, both are ready, as far as I can remember ? Still undecided as to which one to ride
this year, will it be the Enfield or back on the good old No Excuses Cub which is such a delightful bike
to ride. With all the design work that went into the Enfield and only one season of competition under
her belt maybe it will be her year. With a 280lb monster you can always come up with some good
excuses if it goes pearshaped. Might have to get “sneaky” and wait an see who is at Buckeye, but
there again as I seem to do better in the sand than most people I could perhaps use that to my

Trying to remember all, if any Enfield quirks, I think perhaps the biggest reservation is big logs ! ……
and of course having to plan ahead for anything that needs a dose of power, might be the same cc as
the SWM Jumbo but a huge difference in “demand and result”. All that having been said the big logs
of Milliken stand out in the memory almost like a show jumper on a horse I found myself coming out
of a turn, which it does well, and then faced with a series of high hurdles to get over 18″ logs.

Good on the turns, but if there is a big step ?

This is what it feels like…….. will it, won’t it ??

Don’t let the horse see it until the last minute

C’mon old girl giddee UP !

To my amazement the steed plowed over everything on just off idle power as the massive roadroller
flywheel kept inertia where it was required. They do say you can leave one up against a wall and in
gear and go for a coffee and when you come back it will still be going and have dug a hole down to
the hub ! To date it has only lost a total of 7 marks in its 7 competition rides, the worst being a 2 on a
day where I lost 5 of the 7 in one event, that being the tough Sandia event to close out the 2008

A great week with my old friend Mick Andrews at Sandia in Sep 2008

The last of her 7 rides  September 2008 at Sandia

Might be time to think of a different front end for the old girl ? I have a couple of sets of forks that are
35mm but I think they might be about 2″ shorter than the Enfield legs and if fitted might hit the bottom
yoke under compression. Many ways to do it so a walk, and an hours snow shovelling to get in the
workshop, and play with the tape measure, might not work but  Sherlock Holmes will investigate and
see if it is “elementary”. Watson tells me there were some extra bits that came with the new billet
yokes and we could not deduce what they were for………. unless they fit over shorter fork legs ? “Good
jove, Watson I think you may have it !”

The two super sleuths dig through the mountainous drifts until the workshop is revealed. Now just a
simple matter of finding the pieces and seeing if the evidence is enough to proceed. The frozen lock is easy “pickings” and the dynamic duo are in Aladdin’s cave.

The path to Aladdin’s Cave is dug……… and the duo are in……

“Good God Holmes! what sort of dastardly engineering takes place in
here ?”

Two boxes of forks and their assemblies are located with spindles already machined to take Yamaha wheels. The forensic micrometer reveals one to be a fine set of 32mm Ceriani and the other 36mm
from a manufacturer that will for the purposes of this article remain unknown.

The mystery “cups” from Spartan Engineering are also located and examined for their purpose. The detectives surmise that the standard legs from an Indian built Enfield are shorter than the Don Morley
works set and also have threaded ends that must locate in these cups. These devilish devices must
therefore be screwed on after passing through the bottom yoke and act as a 1.5 inch leg extension
and account for the 38mm upper fixing in the top yoke.

“Ah Ha …..found them !”

“As I suspected Watson, It says Spartan Engineering, Barnstaple, Devon”

“Elementary Watson, you see they screw on Indian made RE legs”

While Holmes measures the “Red Legs” that Watson refers to as “Frenchies”, from his partridge
shooting experiences, it would seem they are only marginally shorter than the RE works set.
Therefore Sherlock suggests the best way to proceed is to machine a longer stem for the
“Frenchies” to go through the enormous headstock of the RE. So another Billet is required for the
Bullet !

“All it needs Watson is a longer stem, a bit like my pipe”


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