In these parts I’m reliably told a man’s net worth is judged by the size of his wood pile outside his
front door. With fires burning brightly my investment portfolio is decreasing so I thought I would
reinvest prior to this week’s forecast storm.

The ready to burn “Aspen Portfolio”

Long term yields, the Cottonwood investment

The lumber yard regrettably is on a long holiday and won’t be back until 4th of January so I’ll be
waiting in the wings and hope that the snowfall is not as high as expected. My local firewood depot is
just up the road at Aspen Wall Wood and fortunately for me they have a lot of lumber to run through the
mill. This year’s bounty is the best yet as they stripped the bark off most of the trunks before stacking
and sawing.

I normally take the Cadilac and fold the rear seats down which gives the floor area of a double bed
and then fill it up to window level and then pay the nice lady the sum of $5.00 for my load. This makes
me very pleased as in Arizona a plastic bag at Circle K would cost $4.99 and only contained about
6-7 logs. A couple of Cadi runs usually lasts about a month, which is good as Brenda likes to stoke the fireplace like a Titanic boiler.

A full head of steam from Brenda’s continuous stoking

Several changes in the weather forecast and I think they now have every option covered with the
exception of a plague of frogs. The rest of the week looks pretty grim with highs only in the teens and
a low of -7. It has started snowing as I write and today its 2-4″, overnight 5-8″, then another 5-8″
tomorrow. Only 0800 and already 2″ on the depth o’mometer on the balcony rail and a good steady
light snow and with two and half days to go their predictions look on the low side to me.

1100 and I’m informed I need to go 12 miles into Cortez and make a bank deposit ? With the snow
now at 4″ this could be fun and indeed it was but the mission was completed without incident even
though it was a whiteout in some areas as the wind is picking up and the snow plows gravel and salt
is covered before it can show the way. needless to say there were the brain dead also on the road
attempting passing on the inside in unplowed zones.

1800 and dog walking so we have now had continuous snow all day and its getting thicker. Already
12″ fallen and I had a chance of a close up and personal check when I ended up doing a yogi bear
and fell flat on my back in the side road which had been plowed but the underlying surface is like
glass ! Another near fall as my leg slipped away wrenching an old rugby injury to the knee curtailed
the dog walking and back to the fire.

This morning things are very quiet! Hardly a soul on the roads and our total so far up to about 20
inches and still snowing ! Its supposed to last at least another 30 hours with about another 6″ to come
and 100% chance of snow. As a skier I obviously enjoy the snow but now its becoming serious as it
may interfere with other activities, like getting out of here to go to Arizona and prior to that the bus has
to have the rear axle oil seals replaced so I have to drive it over to Howard’s shop to get the work done
prior to leaving on the 17th of Jan.

Deep n’ crisp n’ even !

White Christmas ? …… be careful what you wish for !

Today is New Year’s Eve and its still snowing and we have over 30 inches on the ground and more
where it has drifted in the high winds. No chance of “Gathering” anything other than a bootfull. Better
get the order in for the snow plow so that I can get the coach out next week and get the repairs done.
As always what seemed a light year away is now nearly on top of me as we should be running a trials
school 3 weeks today.

Well at least that bloody planet has spun back the right way so as we get ready for 2011 things
should be getting better for everybody, I hope so, this non stop recession hurts.

Thanks Mercury


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