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After another frustrating day on the computer via the good old blog things are finally looking up. A few days ago I followed the computer instructions and updated the blog site. Next mission to upload some recent pictures for an article. Try as I might the system rejected every effort I made and as there is NO “contact us” to rectify the problem I’m left totally in the dark. Seems you have to go to a “forum” where some other user will email you through the problem in “computereese ” which I’m certainly not fluent in!!


Eventually I decided to go backward and delete any of the updates that concerned pictures ………. and lo! the system is back up and running.

On the subject of pictures I’m still beyond furious over the loss of over 4000 pictures which vanished when Godaddy decided to stop hosting the Quick Blogcast that I’d been using since I started writing. While I’m not the only one to suffer this it still doesn’t help as  the vast majority of those “article appropriate” pictures were saved on old laptops that have been replaced. However, someone who has an interest in old ISDT events did email me saying he had found all my pictures of the RAF team’s exploits in the 1975 event.  Clearly there is a “way” to get some of them back but now I need to find a guru who knows how to do this and tell me the way to fix it. I can find some pics but they are in thumbnail and will not size up without losing the focus. Some of the very old pics I can re-scan and upload which will be a job for those retirement years.

Right now the emphasis is getting back on track health wise. Still losing a bit of weight on the Nutrisystem Diet and down to 208 from 220 so slightly ahead of their month 1 guarantee. The cycling seems to be working giving better lung capacity and more general energy although today might be the last ride for a couple of days as the weather forecast is snow and rain from Sunday onwards.


Well its windy, seriously windy,  so no bike riding today which becomes a standard Saturday of GT’s and pool. I did find, and I’m finding more and more pictures from the past and some that I published on Trials Central.

EPSON scanner image
EPSON scanner image

1974 in the Cattle Market for the SSDT


2008 Mick riding Superglitz  at Sandia on one of his Stateside trips and he did have a choice of the “Ossahama”



A joy to build and ride


Alto Pit AZ 2007


Very  pleased I found these ….. the search continues









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