Its a long way up here

  Saturday morning and thinking cap on, better make the mental checklist;
Wash Bus and trailer
Dump tanks
Fresh water
Riding Kit
Tire pressures
Liquids and oils

Then for Monday
Tools and Spares
Load Bikes……. Cub, Ossamaha, and the TY125

Another ONE ???

…………it’s only 0620 and for some strange reason I look out of the kitchen window and I can’t
believe my eyes……   there is another BLOODY HERON!…….can’t find the gun cabinet keys
S***! ….. finally out I go and the bastard must have heard the door and it lumbers into the
sky before I can line up for a shot…… regrettably it had been successful and there were the
blood splatters of at least another one of my fish and all the oil from the evil one floating on
the surface. I thought these dammed birds were territorial but clearly as the patch has recently
been vacated, so to speak, this one jumped straight in and now has possession, but we will
be ready tomorrow. I still can’t BELIEVE IT!

Just the other side to do

 3/4 of the Beaver Enterprize Starship washed and Heron trip wires in place. If that bird gets
another fish then it will have to work very hard as I have criss crossed the standing areas
where it has been along with the previous one.

Job done

Sunday and up very early and not so bright, but today the Evil One is a no-show so now its
time to finish washing the bus down and while Brenda cleans the inside fill up with water. Time
to see how Valentino does first but that leaves a little time before the E-Bay auction fun where
I’m hoping to sell the Honda 250 RTL, the Honda 260 TLM and my Yamaha TYZ. they all have
bids but not up to the reserves yet although there are 126 watchers you never know whether
anyone will actually go for it or just watch out of curiosity. As always hoping for a result and
I’m about due for a bit of luck as this year has not been my favorite so far.

Despite all the calls and e-mails etc the first 2 Hondas didn’t make their reserve but the TYZ
did so thats one sold and unless I get some offers they will be relisted in a couple of weeks
….. some times you get lucky, sometimes you don’t.

The “Liquid” Control Panel…… don’t screw up again

Just wrapping up last night and nearly, all the bays cleaned out,  bus cleaned inside and out,
tanked dumped and fresh water onboard. Collect all the rubbish, old chairs, mats, etc which
have been replaced with the 2008 edition. quite amazing how much extra space there is when
a little more thought goes into packing. Anyhoo, with the trash in the bucket of the tractor I
drive up to the workshop to have the tractor ready to upload tools and spares this morning and
by now it’s getting darkish and lo and behold the giant bird is back!!  It nearly lands then climbs
up again and circles before landing in the paddock. 10 minutes goes by then it takes off again
into a very dark night sky. These birds NEVER sleep.

This morning I’m prepared but once again it plays the no-show card and leaves me frustrated
again. Well on with the tasks in hand, invoicing, payroll etc when the phone goes from the buyer
of the TYZ who tells me he is now having buyers remorse…… and can he back out of the deal if
he gives me an incentive? I accept.

1800 and not a bike in sight

A very frustrating day along with looking at a job site and having to fill in a million forms on
another matter and of course hand in those invoices. By now the time has moved on and its
nearly 1800 before I load the first bike but as it gets dark everything is on board save for clothes
and riding gear.

All aboard, TY125, Ossamaha and the Cub

No sign of Mister Heron, maybe tomorrow or fishes you are on your own for a week,
good luck!

Tony Down

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