With the first round of chemo kicking the crap out of me and making me feel very sorry for myself I think I’m coming out of it and getting a tougher attitude as I have to fight or this will be a very one sided battle.

While I might not be up to pounding out those miles on the bike I can at least paint the gnomes and frogs, do some weeding, and go and check the lakes for fish.

This morning starts with a complete refit. All bags, tubes, bits and bandages are removed ….. the refreshing warm shower water flows freely, old age and death are in the bucket and sweet smelling joy is restored. Now all I’m hoping for is this dreaded embarrassing leak to dry up and allow me to walk freely without unexpected falls of soot!

The leak continues and is infuriating as well as undignified and I wonder just how much longer this will last? My bum is now very sore and looking at where they made the cut there surely can’t be too much left to come??? Give me strength!

Seems I’m confined to the house until this goes away, yes, I want to fight but its difficult when you can’t make any headway with what you want to do.

Another poor night’s sleep for no apparent reason, must get on and do something …… anything!!

Here we are, Saturday 7/20/19 and not 1 mile on the odometer this month! Gardens look awful, grass is yellow and needs mowing, my dianthus died and the bloody arsebine is back!

Need to charge the batteries on the Safari, plant some more salad seeds, and start the repainting. We will see what gets done.

A recap picture of my “4th of July” recovering from the surgery and a whole load of thinking!

Happy 4th of July

That sums it up !

Well back to the tasks, yes the batteries go on charge ……

Something done at last, ……. now the seed bed ……

Another row of radish, and more lettuce

Back in the Shade Garden time to review what needs tarting up on the painting side.

A scruffy giant Travelocity Gnome

Gnome junior

A frog that “went a wowing go”

A badly painted Ladybird

Well we will see how these turn out


Still Alive!








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  1. Hi Tony, nothing for a week. We are all hoping for some news and hoping you are holding up? Mouse and the gang

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