Not quite there yet, but Christmas is just around the corner, and although I need to get my act together on the Trials bikes I could be on top of the BIG present to ME! from ME!


This is the one I like best but is of course the worst deal! A couple of thousand over any other similar cars and years, with about 50-70K higher mileage and being 2000 miles away in New York

2nd choice about 600 miles closer and $3000 cheaper and 60K less on the mileage front. It does have the full kit and carboodle  and is in Botanic Green, which looks black to me, but is the Full Vanden Plas model with all the extra woodwork.

Green ?  but everything is there

Choice number 3 is up in Denver, cheaper still and mileage down at 57K. Apparently it has hail damage? Now I would have thought it would be covered by the Dealer’s Insurance but he wants $1200 to get it repaired but only $400 to ship it to me, choices, choices?

A 2006 model with 57K in black ??????

Last one in dark blue, rather attractive, not too expensive or too many  miles, but again in New York! so transportation could be a problem.

Blue ???? 

Well the checks for the the TY and the Cub arrived so time to set about reconditioning both of them. Could be the wheels out day today and start the 125.

Need to resolve an unpaid time waster who made an offer was all gung ho when I accepted and then said after agreeing that he/she could not afford it! They have until 1300 today before we call in ebay.

Checked on some of the transportation and quotes are actually  lower than I expected. Suddenly a lot more “Greens” and “Blues”  appearing so my choice is improving and I have about six weeks before I can complete the mission.






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