It might be the headwinds, it might be my bicycle fitter’s comments, or the article I recently read on the Internet concerning gearing but whatever the reason I’m cranky!


So what prompted this you ask ? ……… after the fitting of my high speed racing Roubaix, Scott, the fitter, said he thought the current gearing of 53/39 might be a bit high for the Colorado mountains. This sent me off on my research mission where I found the article saying 53/39¬†might be great if you live in the Netherlands with flat roads and dykes but for USA a set of 50/34 is really a better choice.


Current set-up on the Roubaix, 53/39 …….. great for Holland !

Next step is back to the cycle shop and then Ebay to search 50/34 chain rings to swop over. Not so fast cycling amateur!!! Your set comes with a BCD (technical term for hole spacing) of 130 and they don’t make a 50/34 set, only a 46/38 which is more for cyclocross rather than road riding.


Having increased my limited cycling knowledge, yet again, I finally find a 50/34 crank set by the same makers in the 110 BCD range so I have now opted for this and a bid is on the “Bay”.


Just won this set on E Bay

The whole assembly arrived yesterday (2 days early) and I should have it fitted next weekend, all being well, and then with only 9 days of school bus driving left I should be able venture further afield on the daily ride.

A male cycling enthusiast with blonde hair, wearing a blue with white helmet, blue goggles, blue shirt with white sleeves, white gloves, white shorts with blue stripes and a pair bike shoes, smirks as he rides a road bike with blue tires and gray frame

Furthest distance from the house got extended this week out to 7.6 miles which has a certain feel good factor to it as over 15 clicks up as I come back by the house. After yesterday’s efforts I’m at 1106.93 and still have the weekend to go and no local pool today.








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