With all the chaos of bad driving and winter storms the millions of travelers press on regardless in their new quest of getting home! Phil who has been with us since Dec 23rd was due to leave yesterday at around lunchtime with a two part trip out of Cortez to LA via Phoenix.

His day was nothing short of a disaster caused in my opinion by poor planning and yet more airline stupidity. I thought that our local “puddle jumper” airline, Boutique, was better able to cope, but clearly not!

Another empty Boutique aircraft

Updates during the day with a diversion to Grand Junction, then some crap about crew duty time, then a fresh all female crew, then weather holds, followed by “boarding” or rather from one room to another and TSA …….. then Ooooops! sorry the flight is now going to Denver with 2 passengers!!!!!!! Sorry, by the way we don’t give you a hotel or rebook your flight and ……. they are ALL full for the next three days anyway!!!! WHAT A SHAMBLES.

My next trip to Denver for the surgery will be out of Durango!

3″ of snow overnight but they make it to Durango and Phil finally starts his return journey, and after a 6 hour layover is airborne for Burbank.  …….. “Time to spare, go by Air”

A very cold week with temps in the minus range overnight and not quite making freezing point during the day.

Meanwhile, in other news, Santa is still having trouble with the “V8” power of the sledge with a minor crash, by his standards, on the roof and a test flight down to New Mexico which didn’t end too well.

After all these problems and a recent bout of airline and private crashes Santa has opted for some more flying lessons from Frosty who is a QFI

Making it look easy






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