The weekend storm came and went, the temps are rising and the next meltdown begins. Now as this
lot hasn’t had the chance to ice up with mega low overnights it should be mostly gone by the weekend
or perhaps the one after?

Next weekend is only 3 weeks away from Rounds 1 & 2 so that Superglitz is coming out again one
way or another. Not only do I need to get saddle time but the bike itself needs some running time and
I would like to turn up at the first event feeling that I have some glimmer of an idea of what’s what.

….and it should be good, TY mono forks, IT front wheel with grooved
shoes, Gas Gas front fender and brace, Majesty through the frame big
bore WES exhaust, re-ported motor and head, Shedworks Majesty tank/
seat unit, Boysden reeds and new OKO carb +UNI filter, Majesty chain
guard, Magical rear shocks…….. and just maybe someTalon pegs.

If its nice enough during the week the Enfield will be out for some polishing and a photo shoot before
gracing good old ebay in an attempt to get her sold. Might even do the same for Brenda’s TY125 which
also needs to find a new home.

Nothing as yet from Ray who really has been having an awful time of it with this flu bug that just won’t
go away. Anyhoo its a long season so the Cub is back on a back burner for the start of the season but
I’m more than happy to be riding the revamped Yam and get a true idea of how all the recent mods
come together and if anything else is needed………. well the Talon pegs would be good and just might
get ordered this week.

Update on Ray: Says he is feeling better and should be fully recovered within the week.  Well thats
great news so maybe we will be seeing the Master’s first thoughts in the very near future on the new
look bash plate.

Meanwhile temps are getting up near the 60’s and the melt is in full swing with no more white stuff
in the forecast. More Saturday driving for me but I should have Glitz out on Sunday for a shakedown.
A bit of polishing pre ride

Left side motor

Right side motor

Majesty chain guard

Those old red painted TY Mono forks now shine and I love the GG fender

The short Sunday test run was fun and I very much rate the new Pro Grips for feel and comfort. The
OKO responds well, has needed no tweaking whatsoever and provides good performance off idle and
all the way through the range. With the combination of all the mods there seems to be more power on
hand especially in 2nd, which for most USA Vintage trials, hardly ever gets used ! The footrests with
the blunted teeth didn’t stick in my soles but I’m still leaning towards the wider Talon set. Didn’t really
get a chance to try the braking action or the downhill steering and I need some rougher stuff to see,
how and if, the upright Magicals are any better…. well good excuse to get her out again for some more
play time.



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  • 3/20/2013 2:04 PM Scott wrote:
    The TY looks great Tony and I bet it will perform nicely.Let us know how much of a difference there is in the motor with the porting and OKO.

    Cheers, Scott
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  • 3/26/2013 9:16 PM Jose Bustamante AC wrote:
    Superglitz has me drooling. Have you seen how my TY looks? It is ridden in Oily Rag condition. I am finally going to change front sprocket, at the suggestion of Steve Doyle; I didn’t know they needed lower gearing (!) And I am pining for really high Renthals that will let me ride more upright.
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