“Are you ready boots?”

Cycling targets now in sight so if I get the ship out of harbor early enough in the day there is a reasonable chance of some good and worthwhile gardening.

Warm Wednesday, light winds and another 27.68 goes in the books ….. its me down to 172 lbs !

Hopefully the beds will have dried out enough for the last of the front bed weeding and then I can cut and level the sloping areas where I want the shrubs to go in. At least the hole digging should be a bit easier although there are all manner of rocks buried in the wilderness of plants and bind weed.

Serious trimming required

Good session on the waterfall beds with a mass of the Russian Sage cut. This plant loved the two nights of torrential rain and had a growth spurt but is now back to a respectable size. My birthday present from Sally of the Lab in the Bullrushes was placed with great care behind the Travelocity Gnomes.

The Lab Domain

A multi colored rock I have had for about 6 months was finally placed in the desired spot to get the right amount of water falling on it and the last of the pot hanger gnomes were put in position.

Pretty colors

The “Trump” gnome with butterfly mind

King Midas and friends were all relocated on the top of the rockery so the project is now officially complete.

Rude Harley Gnomes

More Weeding in favorable conditions completed the day but I’ll be back tomorrow to hopefully finish and then think about layout.

Thursday and the ride goes well apart from some unexpected wind and I’m home with 28.20 on the odometer to push the yearly total to 2615.08……. and if I add that to the 11,390.93 that I started the year on then I’m 14,006.01 around the globe and I have one day left, today, 7/31/covid

Gardening continued during the afternoon but with good intentions of keeping my ice plants the plan had to be revised as there was just too much weed into everything! Therefore yet another plan had to be brought into action which means, ice plant out, all the rocks out, dig the entire zone until its weed and root free, plant the shrubs, plus anything else I can find and reposition all the rocks again. Oh well, that’s gardening and what we do!





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