With Casper now behind us and a full trial finally completed time to tidy up and get back on the right track.

The Safari ran well with all the improvements to the cooling system and no problems from the axle bolts. Steps fully functional and all Brenda’s work on internal units seem to have paid off. The generator ran smoothly and quietly and all that Safari needs now is some greasing to reduce the squeaks from the chassis.

Cub wise I didn’t enjoy riding a bike with potential problems so that will be attended to in the very near future. The parts from Ray NEVER turned up despite having a week to get here and I eventually got them from e-bay and ordered them on the Thursday before departure and they arrived on the Tuesday after the holiday which was excellent.


Lets try this again

With the weekend on me time for some serious gardening with lawn mowing and strimming as the No1 priority followed by the next round of intensive weeding.


Lawn gets the “Wimbledon” look

2 weeks to Tucker’s where we haven’t ridden for 3 years which is another super piece of trials real estate.  The Cub WILL be ready for this one …. that I guarantee!

Once back from Tucker’s it will be time to start the quest for firewood and 12 loads to be collected and stacked in front of the building. Trials bikes will be put up for the season and fall and winter will be just around the corner. Well it will be a NAPA year in October so one more big outing for the Safari and some Beemer riding on those new tires.

Then as we move into October the Saturday afternoon Pool comps begin again and I get the chance to try out my new custom cue.

Sunday, and a weeding day having suckered the little devils with a load of refreshing water last night. They fall for it every time so they should come out complete with new roots especially as I’m using a new weeding fork!


Looks like I was ready for a new one as the old shows a bit of wear



A whole lot of weeding required

Interspersed with the weeding will be the start of redoing those Cub nuts and bolts and readjusting tappets. Quick look at the front tire which has the cracks in the sidewalls …… NEW one on order and should be here in time….. they don’t last forever and a far cry from the days when Mister Dunlop gave them to me FOC.




Time for a NEW one

Tank off, grease and oil everywhere, not a pretty sight but nothing some serious cleaning won’t remove. Tappet covers off and those nasty stripped domed rocker nuts. Yes, a muddy trial with oil leaks takes a bit of cleaning!



Another bout of rain sweeps through but mild by comparison to the havoc in Phoenix !!! No excuses for not working on “No Excuses” then so more clean up and refit the top end parts once more.

Not a great deal achieved during the week other than to refit the rocker studs and the correct locking nuts and reconnect the Webco rocker shaft oil system with washers and the new nuts.


Webco back in place

Thursday was a bit of a surprise only to find that some nasty bunch of bastards had stolen ALL FIVE of our hanging baskets and some other pot plants from the shade garden. Clearly they had this planned as they would need a pick-up and you can see the tire marks in the mud where they had loaded up and some tell tale branches and foliage where they had been loading. ……. the mind boggles ??? Which ever way you look at it ITS theft,  ….. clearly the baskets only had about a month left before the frost would have killed them but they were OURS and worth about $300. We hear that some local Indians were going to a funeral and may have “borrowed” them. Very little else makes any sense.


As it was with 5 hanging baskets in full bloom


A nice basket in the Shade Garden that also went walkabout !



All gone! ……… I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I had walked out when they were being STOLEN ?

On the good news side of the house the new front IRC arrived on Thursday so now as we roll into another weekend I can get the Cub finished this morning and get some more weeding done that got pushed back due to the rains.


NEW IRC ready for fitting

The front of the house weeding gets finished and a start is made on the rose bed area but its bullet hard again and needs yet more water to loosen things up.


A start is made but its bullet hard again

Just as I start work on the bike the party club arrive and nothing gets done as the drinks flow.

Sunday and now I’m behind schedule so I need to do what I NEED to do without any INTERRUPTIONS !! Wheel out, tire off and clean up the brake plate .



New tire on, these IRC’s can almost be put on by hand, wheel back in and all is good.

Webco unit back on and start it up. Well, ^&*% !! its still leaking and no matter how tight I get the nuts it still leaks?  Nothing for it but to change back to the old system which never ever leaked.  In the middle of all this fun I noticed the back brake was sticking on so out comes the back wheel and sure enough some of Casper’s finest has got in and the cam is pretty grotty and needs a full going over and relubing.

All back in one piece again with original rocker fittings. Still leaking a little but better than before …… a little more persuasion and maybe it will behave.

I also noticed that  Tucker’s requires spark arrestors ??? Can’t imagine why as its private trials land and we never used them in any of the events that I’ve ridden there.

Hopefully I’m now ready



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