Another 25.50 cycled today in squally winds from every which way with a break for lunch and finish the Scuffy beds weeding and the odd one or two weeds I missed in the driveway.

Saxo Bank Team Tinkoff outfit

Going through the cycling wardrobe to see what fits and get a few pics of outfits that I don’t usually wear.

Tuesday, 5/26/20 and time to get the car an oil change and some new rear brake pads. Weather improving, not quite so windy and getting warmer ….. and should be up in the 80’s by Thursday which is now the date for the mini service.

Tuesday and two cycling targets, No 1 crack the 1100 mile banner for the year, and No 2 crack last year’s dismal Chemo total of 1113.32 miles. Pleased to say I was through the “1100” before lunch and after a good weeding session the 1113 went too with 26.46 for the day ……… might even crack 1200 by the end of the month ?

Wednesday, more water on the front beds which I discovered yesterday were bullet hard! …… all apart from the pool area where I had left the water on overnight!!! Not very bright! This is how weedy they were before I started …

A lot of weed and grass

Grass and weeds removed

Mucho grasso!

A new patch for some annuals

A Whisky Barrel clematis

I was able to complete the poolside of the rockery and not really a surprise insomuch that the grass came out very easily thanks to the excessive amount of water that I unknowingly applied!

Another hard work cycling day with winds very unpredictable and bloody annoying. Warmer though, and 77F on the Bank Sign. Tough but 26.12 joins the total but no more weeding as the hands were saying enough!

The Shimano rig by the “I love ME Motorcycle Trials Wall”

Thursday, and up early for the car service and Brenda takes the Subaru to the hospital for her follow up with Dr Mattison. Dump the Cadi which was sounding awful and “rivetty” and then cycle 2 miles down to the hospital ….. very warm!

The ride goes well, nice conditions, and I even see 82F on the bank which is the highest temp this year!!! Lots of changes to the plan …. car needs NEW rotors (well no surprise here, as when I last had new tires the fitter said the rear pads needed replacing …… and I forgot all about it) $730 for that bit of Dementia!    ……. so now a 1500 chat with the medical team and then pick up the car.

Out to complete the day’s ride  and back onto the drive at 27.17 completed when PING! and another bloody puncture right out side the house …… that is FIVE in one month, and I had none at all last year. Well at least I know what causes it, it not a penetration of the cover ( well ok, there was 1 thorn, but the others are all concussion bursts)  ….. no matter 31 miles to the 1200 and 3 days to get there.

Master of the Flat !

Come 1500 hours and the video phone call and the medic says STOP taking the pills to give the hands a chance to recover. Collect Cadi and stop by the bike shop for curbside vending of fresh tubes!

Friday and Brenda says “Its plants day!” so we trundle off to see what is left after all the manic buying while lock down was under way. I can only assume that many “non gardeners” bought all the annuals and hanging baskets during March and early April as the whole nursery is just about bare! Needless to say everything that was sold has subsequently frozen as they do say NO planting until very late May or early June. …… precious few of whats left make their way to the car.

City Market not much better but amazingly Walmart has had a big delivery and so far hasn’t killed everything off! A full car load here and we will be back for more when this load is planted. Rest of the day spent weeding with more to come tomorrow.

Saturday and by 0930 I’m in full weeding mode and actually quite enjoying the process ….. hoping to finish today, but I still have a few miles to tack onto the total before nightfall.

Finished the weeding on the Waterfall Bed and I’m well pleased, more of this in the next few articles. another 18.21 hits the books so all round a very good day!














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