With school finished all the planned work has got under way and progress abounds. Last Thursday the Safari was delivered to Farmington, a long desired Red Lobster Fest was consumed and a look and (light shopping) visit to, Lowes, Home Depot and Hobby Lobby …….. nearly didn’t get them out of there!


Perfect combo for me

Friday and work began in earnest on the garden and the boat with a full weekend to follow. Hops and Clematis restrung, hanging baskets and other plants acquired (its only the beginning!) ……. the Cone Flower bed was weeded along with the side bed and the rose bed surround was weeded.


Hop, hop ….. hooray!

Baskets all hung along with replacement hanging Toms and irrigation systems checked. Big clean up of leaves and trash in the boat house and more bits and bobs removed for the whirling dervish of Brenda and Makita.




Baskets up with Padlocks again


Super toms and eating them already

Cycling continued with a record 71.89 miles in the book last week and a NEW high on the odometer of 16.26 on Memorial Day. Somewhat fitting that Ratcat’s & Luna’s final resting places have been restored and maybe improved.



Ratcat and Luna   R.I.P.

Out front the Side Bed got some new plants with a giant rose and some petunias while the big part of my day was spent re-doing the rock edges to the Rose Bed that some dickhead had reversed into knocking everything out of position. Some more intensive weeding in the bed itself along with pruning and then petunia planting has it ship shaped again!


An addition for the side bed



Weeded and repaired

Meanwhile, talking of ship shaped, Brenda has moved into phase II of IV on the refurbishment program and if progress continues at this rate Sea Trials can be only a few weeks away!! More planting in the Shade Garden completed the day before “Cocktail Hour” was called.



Coming close to the end of Phase II

A bit windy this morning so cycling is postponed as I have a mega shopping list to complete in Cortez. New sprinklers, hose bits, pots and of course more plants fill the car.

With the Cat Graveyard redone the adjacent bed around the old cottonwood tree was repaired (nice children!) and replanted with lilies and pinks.


Rebuilt and re-planted

A couple of large Astilbes  that were bought on the Farmington run finally get planted after mattocking  through a mass of roots in the Shade Garden raised bed. An annoying sulky little bush called Rhode – something was re-homed in the Cone Flower bed and by 1945 I have a beer in hand!…. Rhododendron! that’s it.


Wednesday, and back to Farmington for the Safari which has just cost another $460. This time it seems the valves were sticking open, hence low compression and no start when cold. Also I replaced 2 brake lights so home again. Warm enough for shorts and No shirt so maybe summer has arrived and the lawn gets mowed again and the new sprinklers throw much needed water on the grass.

With the snow melt in full force the river has raged and flowed at high speed but now the lake is full and the water is piling up locally and its burst its banks down where we had Day 1 of the first Escalante Day Trials. One of the sections we used coming up the 39 steps to the End Gate is under water!


Seriously full!


The “39 Steps” section is flooded!






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