Cabin Fever is at an all time high, so I just have to do something….. ANYTHING !! ….. therefore, time to
get at the Bionic Glitzie Baby and get her ready for our first Mtn West ITSA competition on Apr13/14.

Not really that much to do but with a free Sunday and Monday, and if this last dump of snow continues
to melt, I might just get to ride her for some pre season bike famil. Also need to go through the “kit”
rituals, perhaps revamp the old black “Yes” helmet with some retro Yam colors.

Triumph logos gone, …… but now what ???

A good session with the paint remover that actually does what is says and the black hammerite paint
is no more. Question is, do I redo this in gloss black or gloss yellow ?? Time to lay out the logos and
see which combination I like best.


Meanwhile the NEW MWVTA web site has been launched and has all the info people need for our
upcoming season. There will be “Forums” where people can have their rants and add constructive
criticism on all trials related matters and also keep the membership updated on ideas for the future
and anything they would like to see added or deleted. Jean really has done a great job here creating
this site for OUR benefit so give praise where praise is due when you visit.

Free Sunday, wood is cut and humped in, path cut out to the workshop,  so no excuses now for not
getting out there and cleaning the place up, maybe the”circle” has broken, or at least cracking under
the pressure.

A bit of a mess !

First look inside since 12th Night and the ladder is still there from putting all those decorations away,
so now time for a tidy up, hoover that floor, and move Superglitz up to the No1 slot for some cosmetic
surgery before serious cleaning and pre season tune up.

With the workshop back up to par and Glitzie back in her slot the first task is to change the pretty
Domino grips. They looked like the way to go when I rebuilt her last year but white grips and trials
rider’s hands don’t mix and they became seriously grubby and tatty looking in no time. The Christmas
grips are Progrip which I’m currently using on the Cub and so far have been very pleased with. The
new set should compliment the rest of the color scheme.

Nice grips but I couldn’t clean them

Christmas stocking filler grips go on

With the grips on time to rethink this number board set up and as I really like the Wayne Weedon one
time to get rid of last year’s logos and move into 2013 and that Clubman class. Of all the numbers and
colors the only one that I’m missing is a plain black! Well as I’m in the hardware store tomorrow for
the spark arrestor adaptor I’m sure I can find the appropriate mail box number in black.

Number board cleaned up and waiting

Time moves on and my workshop temperature is reaching the critical point where all work must be
terminated or frost bite will set in ……. time to leave Glitzie Baby for today, but at least something was
achieved and the trials rider is refilled with enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

See you tomorrow Glitzie

 Monday and time for the spark arrestor. I was expecting to be going down to the hardware store for
more bits of copper piping to make another adaptor but as luck would have it I had a spare piece the
right size, only thing I’m missing is a bolt the right guage and length but I’ll pick some up in town

My “Spanish Fly” with two adaptors

Fits nicely on the WES Superglitz system

Number board decision was stick with the yellow and as no black 2 available use a purple one and
a muted Union Jack.

Ready for the Clubman class

Just needs riding time…… go away snow !


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  • 2/19/2013 5:01 PM Scott wrote:
    Tony,you have done a superb job on the Super Glitz!Probably one of the best looking twin shocks I,ve seen.Who sells that Majesty tank unit? I,m tempted to get one even though I,m sure that they are pricey and the ethonal thing.
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    1. 2/20/2013 4:54 AM Tony Down wrote:
      This unit is a custom one made by Shedworks in the UK. They are made to look like the Majesty tank but fit the standard TY frames. I believe BJ Racing has them for sale.

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      1. 2/21/2013 4:41 PM Scott wrote:
        OK,thanks Tony.I had a look on the Shedworks site and they weren,t priced as high as I thought they might be.I will check with B and J when I have the extra $.
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  • 2/21/2013 7:48 AM Barry Cramton wrote:
    Who sells the spark arrestor you are using? I would like to get one. I have a wes system for the ty 175
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    1. 2/21/2013 9:54 AM Tony Down wrote:
      I believe I bought this one from Adrian Lewis at  They are made in Flagstaff AZ and might be cheaper direct if you can find their number “Spanish Fly Racing”

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  • 2/21/2013 3:34 PM Bill Pyle wrote:
    Hi Tony, found your name in the Royal Enfield Forum. I live in Cottonwood Az.Restore vintage bikes for customers, Presently working on a 1958 DBD clubman Goldstar, and riding a 2003 Royal w/sidecar. Where in Az. do you live? Bill.
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    1. 2/21/2013 8:56 PM Tony Down wrote:
      Thanks to the recession back in 2008 I had to disolve my Phoenix grading company, walk away from a gorgeous house in Cave Creek and retreat to the mountains up here in Dolores CO. The majority of my restorations were regrettably sold to live. The only one left for sale is the much modified Ex Don Morley Works 350 Bullet Trials….. so if you know anyone interestedgive me a bell on 970 882 2483

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