Thursday morning and the author stumbles into the kitchen, and locates the life giving fluid called
coffee. The computer is coaxed into life from it’s slumber and the blog is consulted for “hits” on
subjects various. Very strange………. only 40 hits?…….. further investigation reveals last hits at 0400
and nothing since! V peculiar, ……. time to ring Go-Daddy and speak with someone.

Eventually get through the mindless babble and finally speak to customer service in Phoenix. Explain
the situation and the fact that “their” other stats pages don’t do anything for me and the page that I use
on a regular basis is currently not working and I would like to know why?

Lots of hold time, and many consultations with other technicians who tell me there must be a fault in
the server and anyway its only updated every 24 hours. Once more into the breach and explain, in nice
professional cool even tempered manner that this may be true for their other pages but this ONE
updates instantaneously on every read and that of course is why I USE the f****** page!!

Again more hold time, and service agent agrees with me and even knows something about trials but
every time he talks with a technician we get the same answer. Finally the problem gets the escalation
treatment and a number is given and I’m promised all will be well and it will be fixed within 72 hours.

By Saturday nothing has changed and once more time to check with the 24/7 customer service and
another round of button pushing to eventually get to a talking person. Best part of 45 minutes spent in
consultations, hold times and discussions about other niff naff that is of little interest to me. Try to
calmly go through the sequence with the rep so that WE are actually on the same PAGE and not some
other mystery stat which is meaningless. By now my service rep obviously has no idea what I’m
talking about as he insists that it is updated every 24 hours and my patience is now running thin as I
know this page updates as a reader hits an article.

One final course of action…….. SUPERVISOR !!! He follows me through the sequence and agrees that
all is not as it should be. At last I manage to convince him to re-write the escalation script so that we
are not chasing red herrings…….. and so on Monday the page is up at running again at 1100 and once
more I’m a happy camper.

There then follows an email explaining that this is part of the OLD stats system and I SHOULD be
using the NEW system ??? Excuse me ???  I’m the CUSTOMER and these ARE the stats that I WANT
not some other mindless jargon from web crawling bots or whatever other computereese crap they
are trying to feed me.

Have a nice day !


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