Strangely enough sitting at home looking out the french window a large bird is walking down the main
road…. a wild turkey, maybe an omen for this weekend’s double header at Turkey Rock Howard
Colorado. Don’t see many Turkeys of the flying kind in small town Dolores but there’s always a first for

Up bright and early and on the road at 0900 routing, Durango, Pagosa Springs over Wolf Creek Pass
then north bound for the next pass at  Poncha then through Salida along the Arkansas river to Howard.
The road holds a number of memories having had all the electrics go haywire on the Beaver when we
went between some cliffs and once again the generator quit!

The “time warp cliffs” where the electrics went loopy

The Arkansas river is full of trout and fly-fishermen and women and could be a good source of
“checkers” if we need them.

The Flyfisher’s Delight, the Arkansas River

Only 257 miles but it seems to take longer than expected and we eventually pull in at 1500 only to get
stuck in some deep soft sand! A bit of rocking and all is well, get out and we find the only level area on
some old concrete building slab. E&E have been busy and despite a lot of rain earlier in the week they
have already laid out 16 sections with a great selection near the start area. A pleasant evening with a
surprising number of early arrivals, namely; Ralph Foster from CA, the Wyoming clan of Bob Strohman,
Dan Straka and son and the Woodwards complete with new RV. Dinner and fireside chatter until 2200
when the temp in the mountains closes down operations.

Early morning at Turkey Rock

Friday morning and after a great lie in, up at 0800 to a glorious mountain morning of blue skies and
sunshine dappling the peaks with their new light dusting of fresh snow. A truly beautiful place! The
well known cliche of “Does it get any better than this?” seems somehow inappropriate in such a
setting. Dog walking over and while breakfast begins I go gathering wild flowers ( please note I’m not
going the “other” way) but Brenda enjoys some fresh flowers in the RV and if they are free so be it.

The first pick

Another free bunch

The Perfect Weed…… and they all scored points Gentlemen !

Bike out and time to check the sections and a route up and over the top of the hill that Ed wants to use.
Regrettably the route is not for the faint of heart and although I personally don’t pander to 4 liners it is
actually out of their league. A challenging uphill on a steep rock infested trail and then over the crest to
a very steep downhill in loose rollers.

The lower stages of the “desired” loop

The top portion of Ed’s “desired loop”, a bit tough me thinks!

The sections all look “doable” but have plenty of traps for all lines. Another 2 days of precision trials
riding. Stay on the line and success should be guaranteed but stray off “that” line and more trails of
tears are the likely result. Having walked all 16 nothing dangerous or silly and of course any pre
inspection always makes sections seem harder and I’m sure they will ride well and even if it rains I
don’t see them changing for the worse.

Saturday 6 with some big steps

Sunday 2 with a fun blast up the Pumice Rock Hill

Gorgeous setting for Sunday 4

Late afternoon and more arrivals to swell the numbers, Mike Buckholz fresh off his MC Exp win at
Milliken, Eugene Waggoner from NM and my main Scottish sponsor Jimmy Allison also from NM.
Derek Belvoir has made the 1150 mile trek from the West Coast. Ralph Foster’s friend from Utah
finally finds the yellow arrows and makes it before nightfall along with Rob Stickler and his goofy dog.

Other arrivals are humming birds by the dozen and Brenda and Evelyn are having a competition with
who has the “sweetest” juice

The Hummingbird, a bit like Air-toAir Refueling

All looks good, I’m ready!

So we have all the ingredients, perfect location and terrain, a good number of early arrivals, really
pleasant trials riding weather and with predicted other  regulars due to arrive with the Lindemans,
the Beckers, Fred, Hugh,Wolfy and others we could end up with 35-50 entries which will make for a
good event at a first time Vintage venue………….the proof of the pudding etc


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