The Rise & Fall of an Empire

2008 was without doubt the worst year on memory on a personal front as the economy and death of the
construction industry bit harder and harder until eventually I was forced to close the company. Yes, there
was some work and several large contracts but the slow rate could not keep a medium sized company
operating and slowly people were laid off and more and more equipment was standing idle in the yard.

By May 2008, having poured a fortune in to keep the boat afloat, it was time to abandon ship and accept
what fate had in store. Had I sold the company back in 2006 I could have walked away with about 2M
with all debts paid. But life isn’t like that and things were going extremely well at that point so why would
anyone sell?

Didn’t sell, had to Walk Away!

Yes, it had it all, 9′ deep 42′ long

So first up time to put the 1.2M house on the “For Sale” list …….. not even a nibble! Then in an effort to
sustain life a major attack on ebay which for about 6 weeks went very well with old parts and bits
selling on a regular basis. At the same time my Ford Tractor went off to Bingham and was eventually
sold for a good price. The 10 wheeler that I owned outright was bought by an older gentleman who flew
down from Canada to drive it all the way back.

Gone to Canada

Gone to Texas

2 other 2005 Chevy pickups that were also mine went on Craigs list and one departed for Texas and
the other was snapped up by my long time mechanic. Sadly the MV Augusta with barely 1000 miles on
it was sold to a dealer via e-bay while 7 trials bikes that were some of my best restorations went to
Richard in Colorado to join the other 4 he had bought from me over the years. The 2 lovely Rothman’s
RTL and TLM Hondas, the Ossa, Cagiva, the TYZ, the Majesty 320 Yam and the unridden rechromed


Gone to Colorado. Ossa, Majesty, TY175, TYZ, Cagiva, and the Rothman’s


By August things had become serious and the Attorney suggested stop paying for anything and sell
the house and go on a World Cruise!  With fuel and insurance prices going through the roof I complied
with his suggestions (without the World Cruise) and by the end of Sandia I was forced to conceed that
we would have to leave everything in Arizona and try and sustain life in Colorado. The Screamin Eagle
with a mere 700 miles on it was sold to a Harley dealership and the Starship Beaver Marquis was taken
back and left on the “for sale” lot at RV Renovators. Sadly there was $170,000 equity in the RV but in
these financial times very unlikely that any of that would be recovered.

Gone! with just 700 miles

Walked away from with $170,000 equity

Walking away from my former home  in AZ with all its perfect workshops and glorious gardens was a
real heartbreak, but what can you do when the price has dropped by about $750,000 and still won’t
sell?  All possessions in the house are put up for sale in an Estate Auction and $100,000 + of
furniture, personal possessions,and knick knacks only raise a meagre $5000! I almost made more
than that in the 2 yard sales.

Man, I miss those workshops

Then just to rub salt in the wound the 7 Championship rides that I had won fairly and squarely in
Classic Expert are deemed “ineligible” as my Ahrma card is stamped Intermediate!!!

So here we are in 2009, and within the last 2 weeks the 520 EXC KTM did sell and also the one off
OSSAMAHA which I never thought I would sell has also departed. Well I still have a few machines so
I’m not without a ride so must stay positive and hope the Universe will be kind and look after its own.

Gone in the last 2 weeks

Also gone in the last 2 weeks

….. and now I have THAT ENTRY in the Silver Jubilee Pre 65 Scottish but I’m running out of  ways to
finance the project and really need some Sugar daddies or Mommies to come to the rescue. If this
story has “touched the heart”, rather than, “serves him right” then see the earlier article,
“The Fun of Funding”.

All very sad.


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