An olde trite saying etc, etc. As many of you may have guessed from the Champers picture the “1000 by the 7th” was achieved with 2 cracking weeks. The first (17-23 Jul) racked up 109 miles to add to the 756 already in the book.

Setting off with 2 weeks to the target date the score was 866 with 134 to hit or 67 a week. By Saturday 30 Jul another 122 had been pedaled leaving a smidge over 12 miles to complete the mission. So Sunday 31 July and a quick visit for 2 cold bottles of champers and the intrepid cyclist pedals off into the distance with the task of hitting 12.25 to make the 1000! 70 minutes later (how appropriate) the lone rider returns having knocked upĀ  14.16 !!! DONE! Done, and DONEEE!!


My that tastes GOOD !

Well, job done, champers tastes good, so what’s to do with this extra week? My current thought is “The Extra Mile” ie; each day I will go 1 mile further …… so Sunday was 14.16, today Monday, 15.27 ……. so 16 for Tuesday, 17 for Wednesday and so on up to Saturday.

Thursday and monsoon storms arrived yesterday so it was a bit wet and miserable this morning with the forecast of 70% heavy rain for the next 2 days! Good time for the bike to go in for NEW forks and if it does pour with rain I have the wet weather program in the freshly organized workshop.

The forks got done …… good job Nickolas and only $10.00 for labor I’ll be back! The forks are a later model of Rockshoxs and seem to work well on the 7 mile test run I gave them. They also have an extended length so the handlebars are about 2.5″ higher which is quite comfortable. The pouring rain, combined with other jobs is not helping the cycling plans and I can’t see me getting a ride today in this weather.


NEW forks go on


Bars come up about 2.5″

Friday and I’m out of time and its raining hard, there was a brief chance but I’ve already ridden over 70 miles this week. Maybe tomorrow but I think the boat and birthday jobs will take priority.

The boat wins, its my birthday, and after that time for some trials riding. Better start thinking about Winter riding in Colorado ?





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  1. Tony, you seriously need to be on facebook. I follow your blog religiously, but you would reach so many more people if you were on fb. I’m not saying give up your blog, just post everything you post here onto your fb page. Then you’d really be on to something!

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