John went off for an up front and personal meeting with the BLM officials on a Friday and without having
to result in removing finger nails with pliers or neutering officials with a handy set of loppers (so
essential to any Trialsmasters kit). He was able to gently hold their hands as permits were signed for
our final rounds of the championship for the Mountain West 2012 series.

John does his “Hulk” impersonation

Well done to John ! Personally with the lack of progress over the last month or so I had some serious reservations that this one would ever come to fruition.

As I was about to strip the Cub down and revamp that bashplate things might change over the next
few weeks. Only other plans for the Cub are a set of Rockshocks for next year. I recently noticed the
front tire, a newish Michelin, has started to “dry rot” on the sidewalls? …. must admit I’ve never seen
that on a newer tire.

Dry rot

Couple of repairs to my two new riding shirts required as I managed to get both of them tangled in
tree branches at Casper and put a couple of rips in them. Normally I end up taking chunks of skin off
my arms so this was something different.

New shirt gets caught at Casper Day 1

New shirt No 2 suffers on Day 2

Not 100% sure if I’m going to this one but as it stands in the Pre Historic Expert Class its a pretty tight
battle and is still anyone’s Championship. With 6 counting rounds the way things are at present are
as follows;

Nick Turner

Turkey Rock:  1st & 2nd          20        16

Casper:           2nd & 1st          16        20

Dan Straka

Turkey Rock:  1st & 3rd          20          13

Dolores:          2nd & 1st         16          20

Casper:           3rd  & 2nd       13          16

Tony Down

Bull Hollow:  Trialsmaster    19

Turkey Rock:   3rd & 2nd       13          16

Dolores:           1st  & 2nd      20          16

Casper:            1st & 3rd        20          13

Well, as can be seen we all have 2 wins and 2 seconds so whatever happens it comes down to these
last 2 rounds. With my 19 points from a Trialsmaster duty I need 1 win as the 19 will replace a third
place 13 which means that a win and a third would be good enough and the other 2 riders can have the
other win and a second. Another permutation would be 2 seconds which would be 32, upgraded to 35
with the 19 provided they get a win and a third each. Obviously anyone who gets both wins become the Champ !!

It’s fall again

With the changing of the seasons, and pretty rapidly up here, time to restock our investment portfolio
which in these here parts a man’s net worth is judged by the size of his woodpile and this year I’m
trying for 20 Cadillac loads at $5 a load. I don’t think the lumber yard quite realises just how much you
can get in the back of a Cadi.

$5 well spent

6 loads and building

Only 5 days to go, will he, won’t he ? the bash plate question is still a major concern.

Looking forward to getting this fixed for next year


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  • 10/16/2012 2:41 PM Dan Straka wrote:
    Hey Tony, since ITSA doesn’t have worker points, does the MWVTA have supplemental rules? What qualifies one for worker points? Thanks .. Dan
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    1. 10/17/2012 9:12 AM Tony Down wrote:

      True, we don’t have “worker points” points along the old Ahrma style but we do have a “19” point award to encourage anyone to step up and do the Trialsmaster job at one event per year
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