Fast approaching Turkey Rock so a morning dealing with a few minor issues on the Cub and then
tomorrow the joys of flushing the radiator on the Safari. First item was the fuel crossflow under the
tank which was just a nano smidge too long almost a full tad so that had to be shortened to prevent
an unpleasant melting and full blown upper engine fire.

A little shorter for safety

With all the changes to color schemes the front number plate needed a little redo so out with the new
look black Triumph logo and the low contrast Union Jack emblem.

The new colors of the Cub “Escutcheon”

While searching high and low for something else a pair of old Yamaha brake arms appeared and
were brought back to a high polished state before converting one for the Cub and replacing the heavy
steel rear SM unit.

Well lookee here, some TY brake anchors

Quick redrill and reshape

Much nicer !

Next item will be a selection of plumber’s hardware to find something suitable as an adapter for the
Spark Arrestor that we have to have fitted for Turkey Rock. Last time I borrowed one from Ed but this
year I now have one, just never needed it as yet. Not sure whether the Yamaha WES exhaust has one
or if one can be adapted to fit.

On with the Safari “flushing”. Removal of grille, compressed air, and then followed up by the hose to
get rid of all the dust and debris on the radiator. Eventually get my pinkies on the drain cock and undo
same…….. nothing!  Well thats a great start but Shade continues with some mechanic’s tapping and
finally a drip…… more tapping and coolant runs free. 30 mins later it stops, buttoned up, flushing fluid
added and topped off with water. Follow instructions and run for about 30 mins,allow to cool, and
drain once more.

Ready to flush

Now refill with plain water, run for 30 mins, cool, drain and then refill with proper coolant and perhaps
take it for a run and see if there is any difference. Amid all this Safari engineering I’d better check the
generator for liquids and maybe do an oil and filter change and a blow out of the air system.

Safari done, now onto the Spark Arrestor thing! A little rumaging around at the local hardware store
and I find a bit of tubing that should work. Well it nearly fits in the Cub tailpipe but it WILL if I cross
hatch cut the metal allowing for a little compression. That works well but Shade then cuts off the
excess about 1/16″ too short……. looks like I’ll be going back this morning for another piece and this
time do a better job measuring same!

While I’m waiting for that I notice the “New” Doherty grips I fitted a couple of months ago have split!!!!
Must be a bad or very old set of rubber. More ordered so more waiting. Having done the “Escutcheon”
The Knight’s helmet needs some attention and that should come together over a few beers.
Remove old which had an affinity to a different make and the colorful Union Jack which peels back
some paint on the peak so that has to be resprayed. Everything else plays ball today and the new
logos go on without too much hassle.

Logos go on and the “missing link” is found ….. buckle looks a bit yukky

More logos and the “key to success” …… now for the buckle

2012 helmet ready !

Meanwhile back at the town hardware store more searching in plumbing bits and I manage to find
something else in copper which I’m hoping will work better without any sawing.

It fits without any sawing

Ready for Turkey Rock

Arrestor finally fitted to my satisfaction attention switches back to the helmet buckle which was
decidedly nasty !  This helmet was originally a Dougie Lampkin YES model and I last used it back in
2005 when I was aboard Superglitz.  Many years of blood, sweat and tears in the strap and buckle but
something to do on a very stormy afternoon as the thunder rolls and the rain pours down.

The new grips, replacement Dohertys, were ordered and I thought I would try something new with the
green/black Pro Grips who also had a smart shirt in the green livery at a giveaway price.

Good old Dohertys which I’ve been using since the 1960’s

Maybe time for a change with these from Pro Grip

A bargain shirt  from the mysteries of Ebay

Sitting and mulling life over with a coffee it came to me that my birthday is only 3 weeks away and I
really didn’t have a list as yet ……….. well following the King’s directive from an earlier story it seems I
can be in full compliance with a set of the latest MOTS pants in a tasteful black/green design. Also, a
pleasant Ralph Lauren rugby style shirt to complete the outfit.

Seems to match the rest

With all my tasks done, save for the grips on the Charger,  the  Knight is ready for the battles to come,
the Sidi boots are polished, Von Zippers at the ready……….

Knight ready !    …… nice job with the Autosol


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