One week until the start of the┬áTour de France┬ábut I’ll be cracking on now that the bloody awful center bed is behind me! 8 days non cycling in the past 2 weeks has done nothing for the distance totals and even less in the hill climbing section.



Next Friday we will be taking a break from cycling and gardening as we will be at Groundhog Reservoir which we enjoyed very much last year. That means sorting out the Safari in the coming week prior to departure around 1000 Friday morning.

With all the weeding complete in the center bed time for some miles but something is not quite right? Is it headwind? Am I getting worse at this cycling thing as I can’t seem to get going? My speed is down 2-3 mph And I’m feeling every bump and stone from the back wheel! I even look down at the back wheel but all seems well so I put it down to my wimping. I struggle on but its hard work and the headwind seems to be with me whichever way I’m going. I press on and by 23.16 I have had enough!!!

Sunday and a morning shopping run after Moto-GP and F1 and with lunch behind me time for a ride. Rear tire is soft ? ….. well maybe I was right, …….. only 25lbs so that would account for the bumpy ride and the extra drag. Pump it up and its a funny shape!! Not only that but there are surface cuts and holes in the tire. While I carry spare tubes and tools this tire is likely to EXPLODE.


Cuts everywhere and a strange shape ?

Out with the Giant and ride 20.36 on what feels a very strange bike after many miles on the Roubaix. Better get into Cortez Monday morning and see what the experts say.


NEW tire goes on

Still got the center bed edge cuts to do and then start work on the Safari. In Cortez, tire is toast so new tire and tube and back to the edge cuts which take until 1930 to complete but they do look good. Another non riding day but gardening will now take a back seat!



You might remember this ….. which transforms to ………



Edge Cuts complete ………. !!!!

Tuesday, and the last few tasks out front with tons of water to bring back the lawn to green. Need to plant the “Miranda Lambert” rose before I forget and end up doing a Walmart on it.


Miranda in the ground


Other roses approve

Miranda is in the ground, mini weeding around the property, water spraying on the grass and now time for the Safari. Just as we left it, a gallon of coolant and a quart of oil the engine is ready. Brenda fires up the generator now time to de-winterize the water system and switch the lines over for the hot water heater.

This operation takes longer than usual as calcium is blocking all the threads in the heater. CLR gets the job done, the pink flows out and fresh water comes onboard.

Jacks up, engine running and I notice all the winter damage to the fence that was on my “to do” list and I had completely forgotten about. Maybe later?

Into town and visit the Bus Barn to use their high pressure air line and pump the tires up to 100 in the back and 110 in the front. Now use the pressure wash to get rid of the winter grime. Home again and into slot 1 for the next few days while Brenda sets about the inside cleaning and restocking.


Slot 1 for internal cleaning

Too windy to even think about a ride so after a refreshing shade garden beverage time for that fence ……….. find exactly what I’m looking for and several repairs are completed.


Main problem solved, but there are others


No cost fence repairs……. Done!

Meanwhile hop and pumpkin training continues!



Meanwhile a few new plants are going well



Some replanting of two shades of lobelia


The Morning Glory seeds have made it


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