A few warming days with temps up around 47F and slush and mush everywhere. This morning, raining and dreary but now its changed to snow so fingers crossed as we are picking up Brenda’s son Phil from Durango at 2130 tonight!

Well, all’s well on the Christmas decoration front and now it’s time to ENJOY whatever the holiday has in store. On the weather front two major storms will hit us, the first tonight, dropping a foot or more at Telluride and about 4″ for us in Dolores. A brief spell of sunshine on Friday (our planned ski day)  and then another 4″ + on Christmas Eve (night) and another 2″ on Christmas morning.

The day goes reasonably well with a trip into town to pick up Phil’s rental skis and some bits and bobs at Walmart for pies and cookies. Back home some festive cooking is under way and after normal lumberjack duties I can finally get on with some wrapping. Doesn’t last long as I will run out of sticky tape before I get into it so another run for supplies to the dollar store, don’t forget the brandy and champagne,  ….. oooh, and a quick look in the Flying Pig just in case!

Christmas presents wrapped, my skills seem to be going downhill, as I used to be pretty good at this task and quick too!


2000, and all aboard for Durango and for the most part the roads are just wet with bits of slush to add to the fun. The weather goes as per the forecast and my own predictions as we head for the airport. A fresh fall of a couple of inches as we pass Summit Lake, bit slippy here but on we go. More snow as we crest Mancos Hill and a bit of fog coming down the other side. More snow and fog approaching Hesparus and tandem snow plows coming up the hill from Durango. Roads are mostly clear in Durango but are very poorly lit (need more street lights people). 15 mins out from the airport and Phil texts to say he has landed.


2130 we are at the airport and find Phil in baggage claim which ALWAYS seems to be the WEAK LINK in the system here as they are always short of baggage handlers and on one visit to pick up Brenda we waited 40 mins while the handler went on BREAK!!

2200 and we are on our way and hit the edge of tonight’s storm. More snow, loads of slush, fog and generally poor street lighting making everything worse.


Up the hill and it starts as we move into the asteroid belt and it sure is coming down! More fog for the topping on the fun cake and conditions are awful all the way back to Mancos where we get a brief respite until Summit when it starts again.



Slowly and safely make the top of the hill into Dolores and say hello to a bunch of deer just standing by the road. Home around 2330 and I for one am off to bed!

Friday, the planned ski day, lots of fresh white stuff but very wet and slushy. Plows have done a great job on the roads so if we can get it together then Telluride it shall be! A lot later than planned we are on the slopes and the weather has changed again and we now have a superb “Bluebird Day”, no clouds, no wind, …….. just perfect and of course tons of new snow.


Saturday, Christmas Eve, and its blowing a gale again ahead of the next storm. Not so good on the pool tables today but never mind its Christmas.


Christmas morning and indeed the forecast storm has been through leaving another 3-4″ on the rail and maybe some more to come. Be thankful, plenty of wood to burn and food and drink a’plenty.



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