Every time I walk in the workshop I see the Enfield up on the heavy lift stand and I’m always reminded
of the Royal Tournament and the Portsmouth v Devonport  RN field gun race. All part of “going ashore”
way back when. An epic battle of two highly trained teams of matelots lugging a field gun and it’s trailer around the arena and having to dismantle it and then rebuild on the other side of obstacles before
finally running over the finish line and eventually firing it.  ……. all sounds rather familiar and similar to
taking a Royal Enfield to a trial!

Here we are at the first obstacle and our team rapidly dismantle the gun, wheels off, which is about
where I am so now its up and over the wall in pieces then rebuild on the other side when all the bits
make it over. Further research shows I might still be able to get the longer spacers from Yamaha and
put them in the Marzocchis to compensate for the smaller springs……. worth a phone call.

When the wheel makes it over the chasm I can fit and adjust with an extra spacer on the axle to make
up for the speedo drive to position the wheel. Once the wheel is central the mudguard can be fitted
and I should be closing in for the kill………… ahhhh, here comes the wheel now !

Today was planned as a skiing day and everything went as clockwork up until 30 mins before
departure when it came on to snow heavily ! While I (already dressed for skiing) went dog walking
madam consults all chanels for said changes in weather. Following up on my run up there on Friday
when it became decidedly unpleasant on the return, plans to swish down the slope have been
deferred to next weekend. Not a problem bearing in mind it is Superbowl later, and I can now see the
results of my ebay offerings. Today it was the old Enfield front end and forks and wheel both sold at
their opening bid. A NEW SM Yamaha fork and fender brace still in its original packaging hit a record
price at the end finishing at $76 !! …… there is also an item I’m after in the next 15 mins so wish me
luck…….. Missed out on that one in the last few seconds but no matter.

Into the workshop and more rumaging for ebay items and perhaps some spacers for those forks.
Amid all the boxes I found one spacer and one of the washers, just one more box to try which is in
the trailer as my travelling nuts & bolts selection. Another washer comes to light but no more
spacers. Try tomorrow from Speed & Sport PA.

Meanwhile the wheel makes it over the chasmn and a Yamaha TY175 rear wheel spacer is cut to
size and fits very nicely. Wheel seems central apart from it’s wobbles so I can now go ahead and drill
the mudguard to fit and then bolt up once I’ve been through ACE to replenish on the metric selections.

1/2 a TY175 rear wheel spacer does the job

Fortunately S & S had the spacers but not the washers so another piece of the jigsaw is found and
I’m one step closer to getting this job finished. Better clean the carb while I’m waiting and get that
Solvol gleaming on the engine. Once these new spacers arrive I can devise something that will give
the correct preload and then finally bolt it all together one last time……..Well of course I could take the
spacers out of the Monos (as they are going nowhere) and finish the job off while the new ones are
in the post. Even the simplest things are sometimes difficult !! A quick trip to ACE and bolts for the fender/mudguard brace are found for both bikes, so its no excuses now.

Back to the drawing board then, take it all off again and fix the preloads. Well not so fast Jose ! The
TY Monos are 36mm and the Fantics are 35mm, now while they both take the same spring the
spacers are different……… you live and learn……. and now, lucky me, I have two more on their way that
won’t fit !! So now find a 1″ alloy pipe or handle and make two. Before you ask the standard TY spacer
would work but NONE are available.

More Enfield parts arrive !

Well I’m getting there but its slow progress but at least I now know what I need to do to complete the
Oilfield’s transformation. Very soon I’ll be transferring my attention to that Superglitz and here I should
be able to convert the front end, exhaust and “that” tank and seat unit into ebay gold to finance some
engine mods and a set of custom rockshocks.


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  • 2/11/2012 5:15 AM Jack Knoops wrote:
    Good source of spacers are old handlebars, (alloy) I have a selectionfrom old bent or too low etc. which have worked well in different forks.
    You wuold just love the Allan Wright Classic Show at Telford.
    Best regards, Jack
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