SUMMER finally arrives in the Mountains!!!

With the switch over to June Mother Nature finally said “OK” and now we will have warmth and summer! ……… waiting in the wings Brenda is ready!

Saturday morning, time for some household shopping (those dogs need feeding) and a quick visit into the Walmart Plant Mortuary to see if anything can be saved. A couple of “pinks” make the basket along with a mixed display which will be the center piece in front of the Maple tree.


Pinks and center display around the maple, with hanging toms

First Cadi load and back to the house for unloading and by 1100 we are at Four Seasons to see what they have. Petunias and ice plants for me along with something different in some calibrachoa hybrids called “cherry star”.



Petunias for the rose bed


Iceplants for the Scuffy border


Cherry Star

Trolleys and carts are loaded but we lose a terra cotta ladybird in the process but do snag some lovely little birds for the fountain in the process. Finally with the five big hanging baskets for the front, a small one for the shade garden, along with a collection of 3 different types of coral bells and not forgetting 2 hanging baskets of tomatoes and a fuchsia, she just can’t resist, we are done!   ……. or are we? …. What is this ?   ……. a hanging basket of cucumbers?


Coral bells in 3 different colors

Nice idea but nowhere to put it for the journey home. First load in the car and back to the house well pleased with our purchases. All unloaded and while Brenda starts arranging I’m off for round 2 and soon back again with the rest.

The last two trolleys are loaded and the fuchsia hangs over Brenda’s seat for the drive home. Unloaded and positioning is started. Two similar HB’s either side of the main entrance, two more in a combo of yellow/blue and finally a purple and unusual white spattering effect that I will call the “painter’s bucket” as it looks like someone cleaned their brush and this poor plant was in the way. Padlocks go on !!


The front 5 are up




“The Painter’s Bucket”

Sunday and Brenda is off again while I set about the rose bed and cutting the new Scuffy bow beds.  Once again I can see what happened in the UK when Yorkshire and Lancashire had their epic battle known as “The War of the Roses” as my arms are slashed to pieces and running with blood after a full assault on the weeds. Two of my old roses did not enjoy winter and need to be replaced.


War of the Roses


Need two more

Brenda is back another $200 poorer and the Cadi is full once more! 3 more big ferns from City Market and an assortment from Cliff Rose, Walmart and 4 Seasons ……. including the Cucumber Basket which was NOT for sale!!!


3 more ferns


Matching extras for the Gazebo



A truly remarkable tree, the Maple, which produces unlimited quantities of cheery tomatoes and full size cucumbers all summer long and then lights up for Christmas.


” A very strange tree is the Maple which fruits all summer……”


…….. and then it does this ?


How does this happen ?

Monday and now its my turn as I need two roses, a headstone type plant for the Scuffy beds and some landscaping stone to finish the job off out by the road and blend it all in.


Roses ready!

As always it takes a lot longer than expected but I like the results and now all I have left in this sector is the rose bed.


Cutting, edging, planting and road roadside gravel


Bow Beds done !

Meanwhile back in the rest of the garden, a new development in the Clematis pot ?


Shade garden gets inundated with those ladybirds and they are everywhere!


Percy the pumpkin gets a new home and the egg lady will be very happy.


In the pool fountain area we bought those three little birds but then found out there are four ……….


“Anybody seen Harry ?”

So we just had to have him.


“I’m down here, thanks for checking!”


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