I really do not seem to be able to a get a break this year, its just a constant round of frustration and as soon as one element is sorted another jumps up and says “how about me ?”

4 bloody copper washers and a domed nut and 4 days to get it here and fitted if I can find any ………. orĀ ?

Of course I can anneal the old washers and change back to the standard rocker feed pipe from the Webco unit I was using.


Webco unit I have been using and the old one (now repaired)

The advantage here is the standard feed is considerably thinner giving more thread for the nut to go on. Unfortunately the old unit had a crack in it which today I can’t find. I remember trying to JB weld it but it didn’t work ……. did I have it mended ? I can’t say.

Found it ! Now try my hand at some silver soldering, and it actually works. Cut down the tube length and its on and bit by bit I can ease these old tired nuts up the shafts and kill the oil leaks. Ray says he will send another domed nut which is just as well as my east coast man is out of them for a couple of weeks.


The thick & thin side by side, might get a couple more threads using the old unit

The stripped dome nut goes on and tightens up as does the working one but I get the impression if I push my luck that too will strip out so gently does it until I can replace everything with NEW.


Nasty business!

Fingers crossed and the oil leaks are all but gone. One of those domed nuts feel like its about to give up so unless another leak appears I’ll leave well alone and hope it lasts through 2 days of Casper…… please, please……please


Hanging on………..






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