Two monster Ducati Elefants make it to Dolores just before Christmas

Two Elefants arrived to over winter here in Dolores and after the biggest snowfalls for many years
they can now begin their journey over the Alps get fitted for all that they lacked and once more tour the
Alpine Passes. With the trials bikes all prepped and ready the two giant Ducatis will roll into the
workshop and be suitably stripped so that their refurbishment can begin.

With the Cub and Enfield complete the Elefants are in !

The expensive wiring harnesses arrived sometime back in January but with winter conditions being
what they were the route to the workshop was closed off and my fingers would not have survived the
delicate fumbling work in the cold. Despite yet another surprise snowfall last night the temps are
cresting 60 now so work must commence.

Batteries need to be located, removed and charged and then the planned surgery will begin. There
has been a history of the wiring looms either catching fire or services dimming as the wires heat up
so Richard has decided to replace the lot and have me deal with a few extra problems like misfires
and oil leaks. Never had a Ducati in pieces so this could be fun and no doubt a whole series of
pictures will be needed as we saunter down this path.

Yes, it is spelt ELEFANT !

The Elefant is Ducati’s answer to the big BMW GS ugly mother that comes with those awful box alloy
panniers. A sort of 2 wheel RV that goes everywhere and up forrest tracks, personally if you are going
for that sort of ride I would use a KTM,  .. but each to their own….. and why would you want 2 ? Maybe
when the work is done and I have a test ride I will be able to give you a better idea. Perhaps they ARE
for going over the Alps ?

Richard e-mailed to check on progress! Well that has to be the incentive to get my proverbial together
so I grabbed the workshop manual that he left me…………. about as much use as a chocolate teapot !
Not the worst I have ever seen but very close. Not one picture or series of tips on “how to” do anything
and believe it of not not a solitary picture of anything other than a straight line map akin to the
London Underground.

The wiring loom from the Ducati manual

So, this will be a major camera operation so that I don’t end up burning anything out and I will have a
general reference tool to put it back together as Ducati just say “zey are veeery happppy” ……. this ain’t
no bloody Lambretta baby !!!

The mysteries of unveiling the Italian girls will be attempted and we will see what exotic lie
underneath the tank and seat. Side panels removed and off with the seat and now try and discover
(the manual being worthless)  how our Italian friends have put this thing together. Off with the
headlight assembly and here someone has been in before! ….. a few tape things dangling but
should be easy to remove side panels and then the monster tank. The Red machine amazingly still
had enough juice to crank the engine having sat for 4 months!!!! however battery removed and now
on the charger. Blue baby not so lucky as someone has already removed the battery ? Well score
that as Item 1 for the shopping list. Other things to note, Miss Red is missing her bash plate and the
lower pipes are nearly caved in ….. they have beautiful Alloy wheels…… yes, I tested them with a little

Old age is a bugger ! better get the camera…..

A naked Elefant

Next task will be to see what is in the box and what I’m actually going to be replacing as on first look
I’m not seeing the same electrical layout on both machines.

Finally a “naked” Ducati Elefant and all the wiring mysteries come into view……. no wonder they go

Time to get the assistant and some camera work before we end up with a buried treasure map
and nothing at the end of it other than blown fuses!

Meanwhile time to tidy up the shop and load up some panels from the blue one and then compare
notes. Trouble is Elefants are always messy things so time to clean up the workshop before I do
anything else.


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