I’m not enjoying this

Monday, Monday and to complete the holiday its raining! …… alas all good things come to an end so
time for some “loin girding” and get the proverbial in gear. Response is painfully slow and a general
lack of interest is shown by all.

The life giving fluid of coffee is swilled, the bouquet enjoyed, but the taste is another thing with it’s
own “wine taster’s” description…………well perhaps I’ll come back to that…..
” the careful blend of coffee beans and yesterday’s over indulgence in Merlot and Cab tanins result
in a surprising taste of sour milk washing over aged cheddar and stilton with just a hint of pate to
set the taste buds alight and ask for more”

The dogs are reluctantly walked and are now sopping wet with dirty muddy feet…… the trailer needs
to be reloaded with wet Beemer and some carpets that were left outside are now sodden and need
to be wrung out and put in a lower bin. Dump tanks and take on some fresh water and with all
ancillary pipes, cables and hoses stowed with yet more head banging on panels we must be
somewhere close to leaving?

I’m the only dry one here

Another cup of coffee, hands washed, glasses on and Miss Garmin given her instructions time to
fire up the CAT and get this show on the road or whatever and see how far we can get. Inside of
windscreen de-dogged we leave and say our goodbyes to Calistoga for another year. It’s wet…..
very wet and Miss Garmin wants us to drive the Silverado Trail and we don’t want to…………her
continuous “Recalculating” is becoming very annoying as we miss turn after turn.

Leaving a very wet Napa Valley

The rain continues and we make I80 for our run out of California passing Sacremento, over the
Donner Pass and down into Reno and finally the wonderful Nevada roads. Miss Garmin finally shuts
up and we continue in the pouring rain and it seems they have actually made an effort to resurface
some areas of this dreadful road system.

Still raining as we approach Sacremento, and I’m happier about the road surfaces but the
navigator wants us to go to Redding and then go south on I95 ??? We ignore her and carry on
climbing the Donner Pass. Some improvements here and we trundle on in the rain and in the
upper reaches see all the recent snow still piled by the road.

Climbing Donner 

Really nasty!

Well some improvements to the roads and not before time, I can only imagine that California have
been shamed into it by comparison to the gorgeous smooth Nevada roads. Down the hill and it
stops raining at last and here comes the state line deliniated by the changeover to smooth
rubberised surface.

Smooth Nevada roads at last

Refuel, check that tire again and press on down fairly empty roads. Last year we made it all the
way across Nevada to Wendover but that isn’t happening today as we were 4 hours behind leaving
Calistoga. Maybe Elko, but even that is a long way today so plan on Winnemucca and call it quits
at that.

Tuesday morning and now running on Colorado time I see I have 698 miles to drive…. joy of joys!
During my walk round checks I notice that a side panel has broken loose but good old Duck tape
has it suitably bodged for the trip.

Nevada is never ending but good driving all the way and eventually we crest the hill at Wendover and
see the salt lake beyond.

The “tacky” town of Wendover with salt lakes beyond

Last refuelling at Tooele and just under 400 to go. The roadworks on I15 are nearly finished so
progress is good and we make the turn off for 6 and Price. They have even improved this section
from Price to I70 so things are looking good.

The pleasant drive through the valleys and mountains along 6

Great scenery and fall colors

From 70 to Moab is still a disaster zone and Moab itself was resurfacing at 7 pm and we are forced
into a slalom weave through the cones which are narrower than the bus, hit 1, ran over the bases
of 2. The last 100 through Monticello and home and once again I’m reminded how pathetic my
headlights are! Must get some of these brighter lamps!!

At just after 9 pm we are home after 13 hours wheel time but Safari has done all that was asked of
her and should be in pretty good shape, with a few fixes for next year’s trials season.


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