Much cooler tonight as this bitter snap, and first taste of winter rolls in.  Saturday night and already 15 degrees cooler already. Might be the first log fire of the season tomorrow ?

Sunday morning, up at 0630 and surprisingly warm at 41F with zero wind? Not exactly the doom and gloom of the forecast. A lot to watch on TV with Moto GP, F1, The Vuelta and Giro, and a ton of good football games.

That log fire is planned for tonight so some  sweeping of the house chimney to kick off, then change the running light on the Cadi and maybe, weather permitting sneak in a few cold miles before I get shut down.

First off remove the radiator cowl with all it’s studs

and there are plenty of them!

Undo the grille bolts

Now you can get the headlamp security rods out and wiggle the headlamp into a position to change the running light

Cadi all done, bit quicker than usual, must be getting better at this task! Now as the temps are coming up perhaps a short morning ride and then see what happens.

Chimney swept, ride completed for a quick 12.51 in unbelievably windy conditions, dust storms, flying leaves, and rolling tumbleweed all coming down the road towards me!

All hoses rolled up, cushions into the workshop, irrigation turned off, and heat tapes plugged in at all water outlets. Just as well as this morning the temp was 22F and only made freezing at lunchtime. A light dusting of snow but nothing on the road. Wind nowhere near the forecast and might even push for a brave10 miles this afternoon depending on how it goes. If I got 10 miles I would only have 99 miles left to pass the 2018 total! Well I didn’t as it was way too cold!

No more news on the Beemer and I had already had those feelings that if it smelt like fish, it was probably fish! I think the individual must be in Nigeria as it seems to be going along much like other scams that come and go. I did get a reply this morning saying the check had been sent and fed-ex tracking number will follow ? Surely you would have that when you sent the money? Well again I await further developments with interest.

Bloody cold this morning at 10F but should improve in the next few days. Pushed on for another 13.53 until my hands went numb in the thermal gloves and the power of speech was lost. Inside the last 100 miles so some progress.

The Beemer gets a top up charge, just in case, and the cycle rack gets cleaned. Some clothes are hauled over from the Safari, a couple of riding suits and a Yamaha jacket. Upstairs a couple of ski suits and Spyder jackets join the pile.

The Scammer sends his Fed-Ex number and says the check will arrive today along with all his “Nigerian” demands and requests which I will review before reporting same and sadly closing the deal!

Tried a short ride which surprised me as the conditions were actually quite pleasant and I knocked out another 24.67 before lunch.

The much awaited check arrives from Fed-Ex, no instructions but a generous sum as the Beemer was only $7000 !!!

SCCSCC SCAM ?  from a bakery!

What will happen next ?




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