With leaves removed, re-gazeboed,  spring in the air, and the opening rounds of our trials season
only 5 days away the bloody weather deals out yet another vicious winter storm. I’ve really had enough
of this for the current season but it started yesterday with a series of mud showers and high winds.
The new gazebo was tested up to 45 mph and the contents of the windshield washer were tested too!
As I was driving round you could see these “brown” showers whistling across the valley floor and if you
got in one you were pelted with dollops of mud which sort of freeze dried on contact.

Last night started as rain and then turned into another blizzard and eventually with falling temps we
are covered once more. Forecast for today another 4-8″ but temps nearing 70F by Saturday. A cold
miserable Tuesday but fortunately the promised 8″ never settled although it was a very unpleasant
day. Things should pick for the rest of the week with perfect trailing temps in the low 70’s for the

Wednesday and Thursday still with a cold wind but a warming trend and time to start packing spares
for all things Yamaha. Trying to use the “Kiss” principle and reduce the magnitude of the boxes isn’t
as easy as I thought. Eventually 4 giant boxes reduced into 1 so on the bike front I’m ready to load.

On the way home stop by the Brew Pub and a “quickie” picking up Brenda’s bike before loading ops
can begin. Rack on, air mattress blown up and tools and spares loaded. Other essentials join the
growing pile with boots and helmets, sleeping bag and clothes. Better not forget the fuel and food
and drink. Superglitz is racked and locked up for the night and back to the Brew pub for another well
earned beer and pick up Brenda after her shift. A quick spot of TV and then to bed to await the 0330

Up at “sparrows” and last minute things including icing the cooler and getting the Garmin up and
ready……. what an amazing piece of kit the modern day GPS systems are !! At 0440, only 10 minutes
late, the Cadi and team roll out for rounds 1 & 2 at San Ysidro NM. Temps just on freezing but the
forecast should be good.

While driving the excited rider goes through the mental check list once more ticking off item by item
and all seems good until we get to “food and beverages” where there is no answer to the question
of butter ? As the turn for the 550 comes up and 80+ miles in the bag so does a convenient Safeway
and the butter gets a tick in the box.

The 550 is a gorgeous road, 4 laner, 70 mph and at this time in the morning hardly a soul around.
At 0815 the red/blue tapes are seen and the short distance from road to start area is found. Looks
like I overtrained for this one and could have had an extra hour in bed. No matter I’m here, LET THE

We made it ! Let the season begin……….


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  • 4/16/2013 7:16 AM bob Midmer wrote:
    Good one Tony would be good if you could occasionally give us Europeans an idea of where these places are on the map so we may look at them on Google.
    how are mud shower formed never heard of them please explain.
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    1. 4/16/2013 12:30 PM Tony Down wrote:
      San Ysidro is in northern New Mexico to the north of ALB. If you want to see any of our other venues take a look at our new web site  ……and we even have all last weekends results up!!

      Re the mud shower: as this vicious storm passed over the desert areas of AZ,CA and UT it picked up a lot of sand and dirt which was then sent aloft where it stuck to the water droplets and then fell as snow except it was BROWN….. the effect was like driving a Rally Car behind someone else with the wipers going full chat.

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  • 4/17/2013 2:49 AM Bob Midmer wrote:
    Thanks for the reply Tony looked at the results disappointed did not contain a list of bikes ridden, the pictures look good and plenty of rocks about.

    Regards Bob Midmer
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  • 4/17/2013 12:14 PM Bill Todd wrote:
    Never leave home with out it!

    Ok what is the butter for?

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