Oh, YES!

Yet more meddling and interference on pandemic numbers from the Moron in Chief as many of my earlier forecasts are taking shape.

Where did the so called Homeland Police Force go to ? Why have they not been tracked to their location and living area? What is this NEW uniform?

Correct, they are Blackwater Mercenaries

Mortality numbers are being “bent” to hide the truth, which of course everyone expected since he stole the CDC. He does it every weekend, 2/3 Aug 439/546 then 1362/1287/1125/1258/947  then 9/10 Aug 510/513 and back to normal 1358

Our old friend the US Postal Service is taking massive hits from his newly appointed campaign funding loon and as I predicted it will soon be under massive slow down regulations creating huge backlogs just in time for the election.

Coming soon !

Oh, yes

Well, there’s always one, even if they can’t spell,  ….. so is it TRAITORS ? in which case it should be TRAITOR, in the singular, or is it TRACTORS ?  …….. good question for “ask a friend”

Pathetic attempts to appease the nation with ridiculous “sharpie” signed executive orders that actually have zero authority. Looking for more praise here as “I’m doing my best for everybody when both parties can’t agree” ……. sorry chum, its not going to crack it.

Zero progress here I’m afraid    …… and they continue

Nothing of course on the Pandemic which rages on, even more confusion in  the Stimulus Package, which of course is already 10 days overdue. Quite inexcusable as this “second round” paper work should have been written up in late April as a “what if scenario” and not left to the last minute.

Nothing on the Health Care Plan, only to be expected, as it doesn’t exist. Absolutely ZERO progress on schools as it is just wishful thinking, and contrary to his medical expertise it is not going to disappear any more than a vaccine will be available on November 3rd ???

Well, let’s ask his NEW Doctor friend

and what about schools ?

While the administration is convinced it can, students WON’T wear masks, or social distance …… they ARE children!!!!

1 Day ! school now CLOSED!!!

Meanwhile the butterflies have been busy and “himself” is looking to get on Mt Rushmore !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought it was a joke too, but it is for real!

Some ideas to consider …..


…… and while this ridiculous nonsense is going on they let him speak about pandemics showing his TOTAL ignorance of History, yet again, but at least its closer to modern day!

Sorry, there really is little hope









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